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St Francis Church Of Dalhousie

How exactly do you feel taking out your camera for capturing 119 year old church with the backdrop of the Trans Himalayas! No wonder it can turn out into one of the most exotic holidays you have ever had. Having a sound knowledge of where you are travelling is a very important for every tourist. St. Francis Church in Dalhousie has impressed millions of global travellers over centuries. It is one of Himachal’s most ecstatic places for vacation and Dalhousie is famous for its natural beauty and silhouette mountains.


The St. Francis Church is situated at a distance of a kilometre away from the main town of Dalhousie at Subhash Chowk. This is a catholic church and it is controlled by the Catholic diocese of Jalandhar. This means this church is maintained by and also its proceedings are managed by the diocese of Jalandhar. Like most of the churches of imperial British rule, this too has been replicated from a church in England. The Church of England still holds the credit of the original design and the St. Francis Church is a beautifully carved replica of the same.

Before encircling the name Dalhousie in your travel plan know more about the place and the intricacies of its most beautiful shrine. The shrine has stood strong against 119 winters and summers.

How to Reach Dalhousie?

Reaching Dalhousie is easy by bus from Delhi overnight or within few hours from nearby towns. Dalhousie is wrapped in greenery and it also an ideal travel destinations for family as well as expeditioners. Dalhousie is easy to reach from any town in northern India and there are cars on rent that will take you to the place from nearby big cities like Chandigarh.

How to reach St. Francis Church?

From the main town of Dalhousie it is easy to reach the St. Francis Church at Subhash Chowk. You can also include in your sight-seeing nearby attractions like Subhash Baoli and the St. Andrew’s Church. Earlier the name of Subhash Chowk was Charing Cross. The surrounding is filled with pine and deodar trees and it automatically creates a silence from which you don’t feel like running away.


The pages of history would turn in a gentle pace when you try to find St. Francis Church in it. The St. Francis Church had been constructed in the year 1894 at a distance of 1 kilometre from the main town of Dalhousie. Every wall of this church whispers the history to you silently. A century and nineteen years have passed by and its walls have seen so many stories untold. The construction of this church was financed by local civilians and army men and officers of this area. They all got together and decided the total finance of the church’s construction. It is thus a people’s church from day one and its doors are open for everyone.

The Uniqueness of the church

You would be surprised to the core by the fine glass designs on the windows and the tinted glass of the panes. If you are charmed by the old world designs already, then there is more for you inside. The interior of the church would give you what you need for redefining creativity. You can take a walk inside and it would take less than a minute to understand why millions of tourists come here every year. The stone exterior gives an aura of Victorian architecture. The tinted glass panes hold the charm in their heart and you take back with yourself a slice of England. The backdrop goes perfectly with the church and it gives you a feeling you cherish.

Climate and Topography

Himachal Pradesh has a moderate summer temperature and an extreme winter temperature. The winter is cold and Dalhousie is always a favourite for tourists because of the beautiful climate it is blessed with. Some tourists even like the winter snow and they come in winter months to see the snow capped peaks on Himalayan foothills. The climate of Himachal Pradesh remains comfortable throughout the year except during winter months. In November-end, there is a chill in the wind and the trees start shedding leaves. The summer temperature is between 20 degree to 25 degree centigrade and rainfall is minimal.

If you are driving uphill then be very cautious about the road. In hilly areas, the roads have sharp turns and curves. Do not exceed the speed limit beyond 20 kilometres per hour.

Good Affordable Hotels Near St. Francis Church in Dalhousie

Anywhere in the world you go, the accommodation must be good. Explore the tireless traveller in you and you would find the essence of travelling. Searching for affordable hotels is not a difficult job in Dalhousie because it is a popular tourist destination. You can find a good number of affordable hotels that offer comfortable facilities. You will find hotels of all kinds from simple guest houses to three-star rated ones.

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