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Shalimar Garden

Shalimar Garden is a beautiful garden located behind Delhi University and is about 10 km from Old Delhi. It is a beautiful garden situated along the west side of the Delhi-Karnal Road and is a famous tourist attraction.

It is spread over an area of 6 hectares and is also known by the name of Aizzabad Bagh. This happened to be one of the most important Mughal Gardens of the capital city. It also served as the summer retreat of the British Resident Commissioner of Delhi, during that time being Sir David Ochterlony.


Shalimar Gardens is the place where Aurangzeb was crowned hurriedly in the year 1658 as the Mughal Emperor after he deposed Shah Jahan, his father. The formal event took place later at the Delhi Fort.

This garden is located along the Grand Trunk Road and is about six miles from the city. The Shalimar Garden served as the resting ground for the Mughal emperor and his army when they travelled from Kashmir to Lahore and vice versa.

The garden has also been mentioned by Lieutenant Franklin as he saw it in the year 1798 during Shah Alam’s reign. He mentioned that the ground of the garden was laid out in admirable taste and but most of these do not exist today and have been carried away. He also mentioned about the finest chanam or white plaster made out of crushed marbles and about beautiful flower patterns drawn on the walls of the quarters.

This place served as the summer retreat after the year of 1803 for the British Officials but the deterioration of the garden and its quarters continued. After the great sepoy mutiny of 1857, this beautiful garden was confiscated and sold.


The most famous attraction of the Shalimar Garden is the Shish Mahal and it is a beautiful monument that is in the state of decay. It has some beautiful flower decorations and naqqashi work those exist even today. This pavilion is located almost in the center of the garden and is one place that you surely must visit when you visit this garden.

There are various other buildings of the Mughal Era and most of these are in ruins but each of these ruin has a different story to tell about the unforgettable Mughal era.

However, redesigning and reconstruction works took place in the year 2006 and this has given a new look to the garden. Imported glass has been used for the new constructions and crystal clear water bodies were the new addition.

Best Time to Visit

Like all gardens, the best time to visit this garden is of course spring as that is the time when the garden is full of beautiful flowers.

It is open all throughout the year and is one of the most visited gardens in the city as well.

Fast Facts about the Shalimar Garden

The Shish Mahal present inside the garden has been made from sandstones, Jhajhar stones and Mughal bricks. There is a big courtyard present at the opening of the mahal and it also has a water channel network that is connected to a nearby stepwell also called Baoli. There is mirror inlay in the hall of the palace and along with that there are decorative columns, cusped arches those attract people from far and wide. It is a protected monument and the chief attraction of this garden.

How to Reach?

By Delhi Metro

The nearest metro stations to this garden are GTB Nagar Metro Station, Vidhan Sabha Metro Station and Pul Bangsh metro station.

By DTC Buses

Since, this garden is located near to Delhi University; you will get many Delhi Transport Corporation buses from different parts of the city to reach this place.

Nearest Airport from Shalimar Garden

The Indira Gandhi International Airport is the only international airport in the city.

Nearest Railway Station from Shalimar Garden

Sabzi Mandi Railway Station is nearest to this beautiful garden.

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