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Garden Of Five Senses

Garden of Five Senses in Delhi is much more than just a garden as it has a lot of things to offer to its visitors. It is a park spread over 20 acres and located in a village named Saidul Ajaib close to the Mehrauli heritage area. It has been developed by the Delhi Tourism Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC) and was inaugurated in the year 2003 during the month of February. This garden is supposed to stimulate all the five senses of the humans and hence, this name. Here, you can see, touch, smell and hear the beautiful natural surroundings and connect to your soul.

Various programmes are organized in this garden all around the year and hence, this serves as one of the most important cultural venue of the country’s capital. Food festivals, dandiya festivals, the Garden tourism festival and various other cultural programmes are held all throughout the year.

It is managed by the chief manager of DTTDC. It was in the year 2005, that DTTDC signed an agreement for operating 31 food and crafts outlets inside the premises of the garden with ITE India Pvt. Ltd for 10 years. Hence, now you will find various restaurants and bars serving liquors in the garden.

The lovely park has been built over a rocky terrain and there are various theme areas, bamboo courts, water lily pools, solar energy park, herb gardens and many more. It is a very interesting place as visitors have lot to see and explore in the garden.


The beautiful 20 acre garden is divided into different areas and different types of attractions. There is the Khas Bagh present on one side of the spiral walkway which is a flower garden resembling the famous and very beautiful Mughals Gardens. There are slow running water cascades along the length of this garden along with fragrant and flowering shrubs and also trees lining the path. There is a Central axis and this leads to a chain of fountains. Many of these fountains those have been lit up with the help of fibre optic lighting systems. “A fountain tree” named sculpture is also here.

The shopping and food court is on the other side of the garden, secluded away from the centre of the garden. There is a terrace series with comfortable arrangements facing the food court.

There is also an amphitheatre built with sandstones on the natural slope of this garden where visitors can sit and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. There is an open exhibition area at the rear end of the garden meant for displaying art and also for organising art workshops.

There is a rocky ridge located to the northern part of the garden and here, there is also a stainless steel structure that has been inspired by the pin wheel that dances in joyful abandon.

There are meandering paths those take you to pretty water lily pools or the Neel Bagh. These pools are surrounded by pergols which is turn have been decorated by climbing plants of different colours and varieties.  There are hundreds of ceramic chimes present overhead those are whispering to the gentle breeze and making your visit more worthwhile.

The Garden of Five Senses is the home to many Colour Gardens each of which is composed of various flowering shrubs and also ground covers. Here you will see variety of herbs, shrubs and cacti those you do commonly see.

There are more than two hundred varieties of plants present in this garden and apart from that; there is also a section in the garden dedicated to trees like local Kikar, thorny Ber bush.

This beautiful garden has been designed to awaken all the five senses viz. Smell, sight, touch, sound and taste and it rightfully does so with its varieties of herbs and shrubs and showing the beauty of mother nature in the best possible way.

There is also section dedicated art lovers. There are more 25 sculptures and murals present inside the garden. The sculptures are no less than masterpieces made by famous artists and these show a perfect blend of modern art as well as traditional Mughal art.

There is also an amusement section and a solar energy park.

Best Time to Visit and Visiting Hours

This garden is open all throughout the year. For the months from April to September, the park is open from 9AM to 7PM while for the rest of the year, it is open till 6PM.

The best time to visit this garden in from February and until April and again from August and until November.

Fast Facts about the Garden

There is an artist corner in the garden where visitors can interact with the artists who have designed the garden. Some of the eminent artists who fall in this group are Shri Giri Raj Shah and Srimati Angoori Devi and Shri Shantilal Joshi. The sculptures have been created by emerging talents of Delhi University along with Radhakrishnan, Enaz and many more prominent sculptures.

How to Reach?

By Delhi Metro

The nearest metro station is Saket (yellow line) and from here you would need to take an auto rickshaw. It would take around 10 minutes from Saket to reach the garden.

By DTC Bus

Ample numbers of DTC buses are available and the nearest bus stop is Saidulajab. From here you would need to take an auto rickshaw as well.

Nearest Airport

Indira Gandhi International Airport is the nearest airport.

Nearest Railway Station

H. Nizamuddin railway station is the nearest railway station

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