Medical Tourism in India

One destination to cure all your medical ailments

Medical tourism is the fastest growing sector in our country. The sector has experienced 30% of annual growth rate. Every year about 150,000 foreigners throng India for medical purpose because of the availability of less cost healthcare procedures. Apart from reduced cost, Indian medical tourism carries several advantages including availability of the latest and advanced medical technologies, logarithmic acquiescence on international standards of quality and above all, the least language barrier. Our Indian government is keen to improve infrastructure facilities in order to enhance country's growth in field of medical tourism. There are lots of modifications in tourist visas in order to ease the travel procedures for patients. Noida, which acts as hot spot for medical tourism, has recruited many language translators to make the foreign patients (especially from African countries) feel more comfortable.

Reports claim that medical expenses in our country are almost ten times less than cost in United States of America and Great Britain. The most commonly preferred treatment in India by foreign nationals includes bone-marrow transplantation, alternative medicine, cardiac bypass, hip replacement, and eye surgery. India is very popular for specific heart surgery, hip resurfacing, and various other areas of advanced medicine.

The less cost for treatment does not mean less healthcare standards. Any patient who is likely to travel India should trace out optimal Doctor-Hospital combination. This can be taken care by various professional institutions or facilitators who can guide patients to identify their preferred combination. At the end of treatment, patient can either recover in hospital or can prefer a paid accommodation near by the hospital. There are patients who continue their treatment via telemedicine.

India hosts thousands of Skilled and powerful Physicians and numerous nurse practitioners. In the past twenty years, India has boomed in the economic growth leading to the development of medical amenities and also infrastructure which is incomparable with other western nations. India is the only destination for any complex medical treatment which goes in hand with high grade quality service, facilities, and also professional skills. Most renowned hospitals possess their own customer service desk to guide patient's right from their initial phone call. They serve as a potential source of information about various hospitals and work together with the client to ensure best staff and facilities for a speedy recovery. Indian specialists stay abreast of all current development in their specific field. These medical specialists' co-ordinate with travel agents who in turn facilitate a vocational trip and ensure speed up recovery of the patient. Patients recover in a short duration of time with increased success rate because of improved practices to enhance physical, mental, and emotional well being. There are also combined packages available with best leading regiments of Meditation, yoga and Ayurveda which enhance the healing process and make body and mind in same pace.

The Chennai city has crowned to be India's health capital, with mushroom growth of various multi and super specialty hospitals catering the needs of 150 foreign internationals every day. About 45 percent of medical tourist throng Chennai where there is low cost medication, absence of any waiting period and various advanced facilities. Chennai's dental clinics play a significant role in attracting dental patients from all around the world.

According to Dr. K M Cherian, a leading Indian cardiac surgeon, India will continue to remain top in the field of medical tourism for at least another ten more years despite sincere attempts from China and Japan as Indian hospitals possess advantages of English language and skilled manpower.

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