In Himachal, the Food preferences change from one region to another. Usually, the people of Himachal prefer having a non vegetarian meal full of spices that include cinnamon, Cardamom, red Chilies and Clove. The standard Himachali food cooks every sort of meat, pulses and cereal dishes.

External Impacts on Food

The traditional Himachal cuisine is deeply influenced by the cuisine of its neighboring states. The food culture of Kashmir, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh is widely accepted in Himachal. The striking Tibetan stroke, in the meantime, is obvious through the steamed dumplings (momos) and dishes of noodles that are appreciated by locals as well as by tourists. Himachali aroma and its impact on the taste buds are worth the exploration.

Famous Himachali Food

Celebrated ‘Sidu’ is a sort of bread baked out of the wheat flour. After being kneaded, The dough is set apart for some hours to allow yeast to settle and make it rise. After a fat stuffing, The Bread is then cooked on a sluggish bonfire and is later steamed. Normally eaten with Dal, Ghee or Mutton, Sidu is one of the famous Himachal delicacies. In several regions, ankalos prepared with rice flour are cooked during festivities. In the dehydrated Lahaul-Spiti valley, the plants of buckwheat are mix with wheat flour and made into cakes called aktori. Patande (a sort of pancake) is a specialty in the Sirmaur area.

Some of the Famous Dishes of Himachal Pradesh are


Cooked only by a special category of Brahmans, Dham is a meal whose preparation begins one night before the actual lunch is to be served on traditional leaf plates. In Chamba, the characteristic list of options for a dham would begin with rice, moong dal (green lentil broth) and rajma (red kidney beans) prepared. This merriment makes way for the boor ki kari and a dark lentil (mash dal). Completed by khatta (sweet and sour sauce) prepared with gur (jaggery) and tamarind, the dham punctuates itself with a mittha (dessert) – sweet rice, generously mixed with dry fruits.


Himachal during the high time of its festivals prepares itself to enjoy the savor brought with the Ankalos, which are traditionally cooked with the gram flour. Patande, a type of warm cake dish is famous in the Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh and is known for its rich taste.


Popular in the Sirmour Distrcit, Patande is yet another feisty dish for the residents of Himachal Pradesh. Popularly known as Indian pan Cake, Patande is the made out of wheat flour and are cooked and resembles the traditional pan Cake.

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