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Gopalpur Zoo

The Gopalpur Zoo is one of the ultimate family getaways that one can cherish forever. It is easily accessible and it has been the home to several species of birds and animals which never cease to amaze tourists. The surrounding valleys and slopes etched with intermittent alpine forests are no doubt a sight for sore eyes.

The zoo was established on the Dharamsala – Palampur road in the village of Gopalpur in the Kangra District. This was actually the result of an initiative taken by the wildlife department of the state government of Himachal Pradesh. Since its inception, the zoo with its sprawling greenery surrounded by snow topped mountains has indeed been refreshment for one’s senses. To add on, the village has also gained spiritual significance with the inauguration of the Buddhist Monastic Institute – Dorzong Buddhist Monastic Institute by the Dalai Lama in September, 2010.


  • District: Kangra
  • Tehsil: Bhawarna
  • Area: Over 30 acres
  • Altitude/Elevation: 1254 meters above the sea level
  • Coordinates: 32.1°N 76.27°E

The zoo is adorned with dense vegetations of Maple, Horse Chestnut, Kail and Deodar trees. Surrounding is the tranquil and snowy Dhauladhar Range of the Himalayas. This village is one of the highest points in Kangra district which has an elevation of 733 meters (2405 feet). The village falls in a wet temperate zone with mean temperatures ranging from 15°C to 19°C with an annual rainfall of approximately 2500mm. The hilly regions surrounding the village have temperatures ranging from 13°C to 20°C with annual rainfall of 1800mm to 3000mm.

The Gopalpur Zoo

This zoo is situated on the Dharamshala Palampur road and it is spread across around 13 hectares of dense forests. The flora and fauna found here are diverse in nature and the zoo has been designed with proper signage to inform the tourists and spread awareness about the Himalayan wildlife and vegetation alike. The animals housed by this zoo include the Asiatic lion, the Himalayan black bear which is the major attraction, the sambar, hog deer, musk deer, red foxes, barking, deer, angora rabbits, wild pigs, leopards and so on. Besides, the zoo is also home to peacocks, vultures, eagles, Monal, the state bird of Himachal Pradesh and several other endangered species. Apart from these, the zoo also preserves certain species of reptiles like cobras, monitors, pythons and other mammals like the Indian porcupine, common Langur, mongooses, etc. The zoo is located in such a spot that the weather as well as the climate of Gopalpur is conducive to the well being of the animals and birds it preserves. Besides, special care is taken to keep them healthy with provisions of proper medication as and when required.

How To Reach

By Rail

Pathankot railway station which is 115 km from Palampur is one of the nearest railway stations to Gopalpur, but the Jalandhar City Railway Station (130 km from Gopalpur) is the major one. After reaching these railways stations, one can find various ways of reaching Gopalpur like buses, taxis etc. Besides, the nearest narrow gauge train travels till Maranda.

By Air

The Gaggal Airport, situated in the Kangra district, about 37 km from Palampur is the nearest airport. It would take you approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes to travel from New Delhi to Gaggal by air.

By Road

The Gopalpur Zoo is connected by well maintained roads and one can avail the highly frequent Himachal Roadways buses to travel from Dharamshala to Palampur in order to visit the zoo. The zoo is 23 km or 14 miles from Palampur and it would barely take half an hour to reach there by road.

Things To Carry

Given the pleasant climate that prevails in Gopalpur and the surrounding regions, you can carry cotton clothes in summer and warm clothing, in case you visit in winter. Besides, in case you wish to travel extensively and enjoy the scenic beauty, it is advised that you carry the right footwear. And in case you run into rainfalls, the necessary taking the necessary protection is also desirable. It rains heavily in this area during the monsoon season.

Best Time To Visit

The months of autumn (mid September to November) and spring (March till early June) are the best times to visit the Gopalpur Zoo. The flora and fauna are in full bloom and in their prime respectively during these times of the year. Besides, the healthy climate that persists throughout the year lets you visit the place anytime you want.

Where To stay

Several budget and economy hotels are scattered in and around the neighboring cities of Gopalpur from which the zoo is easily accessible. Hotel The Woodz in Dharamshala which is about 3 km from the Gopalpur Zoo, Whispering Pines Hotel near Chamunda, Kangra, the Swosti Palm resort and the Dharamshala Hotel are some of the reputed ones.

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Gopalpur Zoo
Gopalpur Zoo
Gopalpur Zoo
Gopalpur Zoo
Gopalpur Zoo
Gopalpur Zoo

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