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Automatic Ticketing

For first time in India Delhi Metro has launched passenger control and ticketing via impeccable automatic fare collection system. In the form of token or card, this ticket can be bought from ticket counter. Post the purchase, the passenger shall move ahead to one of the different gates which de-attach the unpaid and paid area. Here the ticket holder will hold his ticket close to reading machine which is on the right side of the gate. If the ticket is valid, the gates would automatically open for the passenger to pass into the paid area. If the ticket stands invalid, the passenger would need to get in touch with the customer service staff.

Ticket Options

Travel Card

Travel card is very convenient for a commuter who has to travel frequently. The minimum amount which is payable during the purchase of a new card is 100 INR. This includes a refundable amount of 50 INR. Subsequent recharge facility of this card is available at customer care centre at any station. The minimum amount for recharge is 100 INR while maximum is 1000 INR.

  • Ensuing are the alternatives available for the commuters for recharging their travel cards:
  • Web Top Up: Visit the Delhi Metro Smart Card Portal at Input the amount with the card information. Secure the pay with your net banking, credit or debit card. Finally visit the AVM installed at most of the metro stations.
  • At POS: This facility is available at major metro stations. Make payment via credit or debit card of any bank.
  • At TVM: Available at different selected stations, this facility of TVM accepts only cash payment.
  • At CCC: Found on almost all metro stations, this facility accepts payment of cash only.
  • Validity: The validity of metro travel card is ten years from your date of purchase of this card while or it can be one year from the date of your last recharge.
  • Renewal: Any renewal of ravel card will cost you 5 INR, in case the validity of card has expired.
  • How to ascertain the card balance: There are ticket reading machines installed at different metro stations.

SMS – The users of ICICI banks can also use the SMS facility and recharge their travel cards. To know the details and other format, the user must visit Post sending the SMS, you must present the travel card at AVM which is installed at most of the metro stations. Click this link to know the list of stations.

Auto Top Up – The patrons of DMRC can use this facility, provided with Metro smart Cards via the Automatic Fare Collection Entrance Gate. Using this facility, the passengers can recharge their travel cards at AFC entry gate with much convenience.

The passenger requires filling a standing instruction form by providing authority to cut a particular amount from respective debit or credit card. For using these services, the passenger needs to get in touch the ICICI bank.

Post successful registration, the commuter is required to recharge and activate the Auto top up service from EFO located at different metro stations. Click to know the station list. Now, once your travel card is registered for this automatic facility, the auto top up rules and regulations will be executed by itself at AFC entry gate. The moment the balance of the card goes below 100 INR the travel card will be recharged with 200 INR. Click here to know the station list.

After some time, 200 shall be deducted from respective passenger account and shall be credited to account of DMRC. The validity of this card is 10 years of one year from date of purchase or last recharge respectively. 25 INR will be charged as renewal fee if your card gets expired. There are many ticket reading machines installed at metro stations for checking balance on your card.

Tourist Card

This card is perfect suited for commuters who travel during short duration. There are two kinds of tourist’s card which Delhi Metro has to offer at present. These are:

  • 1 day tourist card: Cost of this card is 150 INR (of which 50 INR is returnable as security)
  • 3 day tourist card: Cost of this card is 300 INR (of which 50 INR is returnable as security)

Refund of Smart Card

  • Refund of Smart Cards that are electronically readable and hold value: The security deposit and electronic balance of any smart card is refundable provided the card is in good condition. A processing fee of 25 INR is charged during the refund process and is generally deducted depending on the condition of the card.
  • In case the travel card is electronically non readable, it can be submitted at the customer care centre at any of the nearby metro station. Remember to collect a printed receipt in such case for reference.
  • Any unreadable smart card which is submitted in full would be considered only for refund for the pending balance.
  • The balance amount of tourist card as well as security deposit amount will be refunded to the traveller post 4 working days from the date the card is deposited.
  • Any passenger can claim the refund of his card amount by producing a receipt within ninety days from the date the card is submitted with the customer care centre. If the receipt is not presented on time, the amount shall be forfeited.
  • In case there is loss of commuter foil of unreadable card, FIR/NCR is mandatory for supporting the claim.


  • The passengers can buy single journey token or ticket from the ticket counter or TVM which is present at all metro stations
  • The journey with such token is permitted for one single way only
  • The token is valid just for the day on which it is purchased
  • The minimum price of this token is 8 INR while the maximum is 42 INR which is subject to further revision with time
  • A commuter can refund his unused token within sixty minutes of the issue at the similar station.

Using your Token

  • For making an entry, keep the token close to the reading machine and the gates would open automatically
  • For making an exit, you must drop your token in the machine.

How to use the tourist or smart card

For making an entry, show your travel card at the entrance gate and the flaps would open automatically

For making an exit, just show your travel card at the gates of exit and the flaps would open automatically. While the commuters make an exit, they might note that a certain fare is deducted from their card. If this doesn’t happen, the customer card operator should be contacted to avoid further inconvenience in future.

Instructions for the travel card and smart card holders:

  • Contact the customer care operator for any assistance and any difficulty that you face
  • The smart cards are transferable and one can use this for various journeys. However it must be used by one passenger only at one time. Remember that the entry on any travel card should be accompanied and closed by a valid exit.
  • If the commuter performs entry as well as exit from similar station, INR 8 will be deducted from the respective smart card under general conditions.
  • The maximum allowed time for the entry and exit from the similar station is twenty minutes and for entry and exit from different metro station is one hundred seventy minutes. For staying beyond the permitted limited, a fine of 10 INR every hour is charged which is subject to max of 50 INR. This is generally charged in cash only.
  • If the commuter performs simultaneous entries and exits at similar station like making pseudo entry/exit using the AFC gates, a fine of 50 INR together with the fare of Delhi Metro shall be charged from respective passenger. A manually generated penalty slip shall be issued for reference.
  • If there is any mismatch in the entry or exit of the passenger then he will have to pay fare as per the rules of Metro.
  • The charges and penalties are payable via cash only.

Note: The return journey of the passenger shall welcome fine according to the existing rules of DMRC.

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