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If a DMRC Smart Card User wants to recharge the smart cards, without standing in queue at the stations, they can do so now via the website. This website is highly secure and will allow users to charge their smart cards, at no added charge.

The  Smart Card User would need to either enter the credit or debit card details to make payment to get the instant recharge.  One can also do so via netbanking.  Steps to follow are:

  • Feed in card details and amount
  • Payment via credit/debit card to net banking is secured
  • Cards can also be given at the AVMs put up at the stations, in order to confirm the top up

One would have to sign in at the site to keep track of all the transactions on the card, online. One has the facility to use any of the multiple cards at the online site.

If the user has a bank account, he or she can also opt for top up via the SMS facility. This facility is especially available, at present for ICICI bank  customers. If the users have registered their mobiles, they can see the SMS format Click here. One can then go on to show their cards at the AVMs put up at the  Metro Stations.

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