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Savandurga Fort

Savandurga hills are located at about 60 km west of Bangalore city off the Magadi road in Karnataka, India. This magnificent hill has made its place among the largest monolith hills in the continent of Asia. It has the magnificent Savandurga Fort, which looks magnificent on the hills.

This hill hosting this fort is part of the Deccan plateau and rises to 1226 meters above sea level. It consists of granites, peninsular gneiss, laterites and basic dykes. The Arkavathi river passes through the Thippagondanahalli reservoir located nearby and move forward towards the Manchanabele dam. Savandurga Hills consists of two identical hills known as Biligudda (white hill) and Karigudda (black hill). Ramanagara, a deep valley separates these two huge rock formations.


Savandurga Hills used to be known as Savandi Hill as per records dating back to 1340 AD. Savandurga was quite a prominent territory under several rulers like, Kempegowdas, Hoysalas, Tipu Sultan, Wodeyars and the British. Robert Home, in his book, Select Views in Mysore, written in 1794 mentioned these hills. He described the hills as ‘the Fort of Death’ or Savinadurga. The word ‘saavana’ means ‘three time rituals’ in Sanskrit. The same is linked with the ancient death rites in a certain way. Megalithic burial urns were found in this area when the Archeological Survey of India conducted surveys here.

Savandurga Fort, which lies atop the green hills, was built in 1543 by Samanta Raya. However, it changed many hands later on and became a center of siege. The rule of the fort went into the hands of Immadi Kempe Gowda of Bengaluru and stayed with him until 1728 when it was captured by the Raja of Mysore. After that, Haider Ali took over the palace. The 18th century witnessed the massive Anglo-Mysore Wars. At this time, Savandurga Fort became a forbidding call for Tipu Sultan. However, British troops were able to make a successful tirade against Savandurga Fort in 1791 under the leadership of Cornwallis.

Flora and Fauna

There is a state forest surrounding this area with dry deciduous forest and vegetation covering an area of 27 km2. The degraded forest is considered as shrub. Moreover, the tree savanna of the Anogeissus–Chloroxylon–Acacia series is extremely diverse. It records more than 59 varieties of trees and 119 varieties of shrub species.

The hills, which were famous for having white-backed vultures and long-billed vultures, now are the habitats of the endangered yellow-throated bulbuls. Leopard and sloth bear are also found here.

Tourist Attraction

Apart from the massive fort, Savandurga is also a famous pilgrimage destination. It has various ancient temples that are at least a few centuries old. The Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Swamy Temple and Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple situated near the foothills are considered to be amongst the most sacred temples of Karnataka. The Manchinbele Dam, Sayyed Ghulam Qadri’s Tomb and Thippagondanahalli Reservoir are some of the other places of attractions in Savandurga.



Savandurga hills are ideal for trekking for them being having a height of 1226 meters above the sea level. Trekking would be fun, adventurous and awesome here.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is another activity, which can also be entertaining and adventurous. It becomes all the more enjoyable when done in group. Biligudda hill is ideal for beginners in rock climbing and Karigudda hill is popular with professional rock climbers.

Nature Walk

It is a delight to walk around amidst nature and greenery that Savandurga has to offer. It is also a great venue for corporate excursion.

Picnic Spot

Savandurga is also a great destination for picnic and small get together.


Everything around here is very beautiful and magnificent making the place a perfect location for photography.

Food and Accommodation

Few shops are available in the town downhill but no hotels are available around. It is important to carry packed food while visiting this place.

Best Time to Visit Savandurga

It is best to visit Savandurga between November and March. Avoid rainy season, especially if you are going for trekking.

How to Reach

By Road

The best way to reach Savandurga from Bangalore is by car. It takes about 90 minutes to reach the destination from the capital city of Karnataka.

By Bus

Buses are available from Kempegowda Bus Stand, Bangalore to Magadi Road. From Magadi Road, another bus or auto needs to be taken to reach Savandurga.

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