When we think about the wildlife attractions in Karnataka, the first thing that comes to our mind is its huge national parks, tiger reserves and other wildlife sanctuaries. While these are major destinations in the state, we should not forget the small zoos set up in various parts of the state, which contribute to the overall wildlife growth in the state. All of these zoos are maintained very well by the State Government and full protection-cum-freedom is given to animals housed within these premises. Also, these places prove to be great entertainment and picnic spots for people of all age groups. You will never get bored of travelling through these zoos, when you come here with friends and family.

All zoos of the state are governed by the regulations posed by the Zoo Authority of India and are set up with the sole objective of improving the quality of flora and fauna in the state, increasing the awareness of wildlife preservation among general public and do it all what it takes to improve the technical aspects of zoo improvisation and maintenance. Most of these zoos concentrate on breeding and rearing rare and endangered species of wildlife. Some of the zoos that come under the purview of the Zoo Authority of India are – Shri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens in Mysore, Bannerghatta Biological Park in Bangalore, Children’s park and Mini Zoo in Bellari, Mini Zoo at Nisargadharma, Indira Priyadarshini Pranisanghralaya at Davangere, Children’s park cum Mini Zoo at Gadag, Children’s park cum Mini Zoo at Kalaburagi and Tiger & Lion Safari and Shivamogga.

Some Famous Zoos in Karnataka

Mysore Zoo

The large number of birds, mammals and reptiles at Mysore Zoo make this place one of the best zoos in India. This was established by the Wodeyar Maharajas in 1892. Initially, this place was known as Palace Zoo, because only the royal clan was allowed entry into this place. This zoo was the abode for all kinds of rare, endangered and abandoned species of animals and birds. The best part of this zoo is that it consists of sprawling enclosures where animals are protected in one of the most professional ways ever. There is also a fully-equipped veterinary hospital within the zoo complex, which provides 24/7 care to the animals. Some of the species that are bred here are rhinocerous with one horn, tiger, barberry sheep, kangaroo, giraffe, emu, chimpanzee, hippopotamus and the great Indian bison. The zoo is also home to rare and endangered species like leopard, Langurs of Nilgiri, antelope with four horns, mouse deer, civet, caracal, Lumur with long tails etc. Since it is located at just 2km from the famous Mysore Palace, this zoo is also a well-known tourist attraction in the state of Karnataka.

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