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Bannerghatta Zoo

The Bannerghatta zoo boasts of being one of the richest natural zoological reserves of India. The national park encompasses a huge area of approximately 104 square kilometers and attracts large number of visitors from all over the globe. The dense forest is home to a large variety of animals. An interesting piece of data is that the national park that houses the zoo is connected to the BR Hills and the popular Sathyamangalam forests, stretching all the way right up to Wayanad in Northern Kerala.

About the National Park

The Bannerghatta National Park is situated some 22 km to the south of Bangalore City. The zoo is part of the park which also has a museum, a butterfly conservatory, an audio-visual room and a sprawling garden. A portion of the park has been thoughtfully reserved for wild animals rescued from various places including circuses.


The zoo is a great place to spend your holidays. It offers extended areas of shade with its canopy while the endless line of large, sturdy trees provide the place to soak in the cool, calm settings of nature. The zoo has a wide collection of reptiles. The snake park provides a close view of the scaly creatures. The animals wander freely in the dense forests.

The Bannerghatta zoo also is home to a variety of reptiles, amphibian animals and birds. Animals that are among the endangered species like leopards, cheetah, panthers and hyenas are kept in separate enclosures in a different area of the zoo.

The Famous Safari

The safari is easily the highlight of the visit to this iconic park. It is a great sight to watch the wild animals moving around in their natural habitat. Visitors are taken around in a well-protected mini-bus from which they can get a grand view of the lions, tigers, bears, the great Bengal tigers, deer and monkeys.

Other Places to Visit

The famous picnic spot attracts crowds incessantly and is always teeming with people. It also has a Lion and Tiger Safari. The national park also has an ancient temple called the Champakadharmeswara temple. It was built in the 12th century AD by the Hoysalas. At a close distance to the National Park is the equally popular picnic spot called Pearly Valley. Revelers can enjoy a stimulating bath in the fresh, flowing waters here while getting a view of the magnificent valley.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit is Bannerghatta Zoo and the national park is from June through August when place becomes the greenest after the monsoon. Winters are also the best time to visit the place when the temperature is at the lowest as it hovers from 15-28 degrees Celsius. The zoo is open from 9 AM to 5 PM on all days except Tuesdays.

How to Reach

By Road

The Bannerghatta is just an hour’s drive from Bangalore city. There are a number of private and state government buses operating on the route. You can also hire private cars and taxis available.

By Rail

The railway station closest to the Bannerghatta Zoo is the Bangalore Railway station.

By Air

The airport closet to the Bannerghatta Zoo is Bangalore International Airport.

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