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Bellary Fort

Spinning history of nearly 3000 years, Bellary Fort is amongst the best historical sites located in Karnataka. The fort is constructed on top hill also known as Ballari Gudda or even Fort Hill at times. It is assumed as per sources that the fort was built in two parts which are termed as the Lower Fort and the Upper Fort. Both of these parts were built by two different founders.

Hyder Ali built the Lower part of the fort by end of 18th century while Hanumappa Nayak constructed the Upper Fort. It is said that a French architecture was called upon to revamp the Lower Fort. Having being constructed on monolithic rock is one of the main attractions that allure tourists towards this Bellary Fort.


Talking of history, there are many legends linked to this Bellary Fort. On one hand when it has story of being constructed by feudatory of Vijayanagar Empire, it is also said that it was revamped by a French Architecture. Soon when the construction of the fort got completed, Haider Ali, discovered that this fort was constructed at a slight lower elevation as compared to an opposing hill which is called Kumbara Gudda. This put the other newly established forts at militarily strategic benefit.

This annoyed him and he ordered for hanging of French Engineer. Resultantly he was hanged at Fort’s east gate. And moreover his grave dated 1769 is even now placed at east gate. Muslims have preserved the grave on a claim that the tomb was owned by a Muslim Saint.

Some other legends attached are that the city Bellary was named following the King of Gods, called Indra who smashed Bhalla, devil that lived here. Another mythological belief says that Lord Ram met Hanuman and Sugreev at Hampi, place which is 30 kms away from Bellary, when Lord Ram was searching for Sita.

The anciently associated legend speaks that this city is a name which is pulled from “Vallapuri” or “Vallari”, an old Kannada word. As per the ruling stories, it is said that after Hyder Ali, the Fort was under the reign of Tipu Sultan.


Bellary Fort has amazing architecture which is spellbinding. The fort is segmented into two main parts of which one is Upper Fort – that was constructed at times of reign of Vijayanagara while the other is the Lower Fort which was constructed under the guidance and supervision of Haider Ali. Fort Hill is the name given to Upper Hill while Face Hill is designated to Lower Fort as some rocks lie opposite to this fort and these rocks resemble human being’s face.

Housing a citadel, the Upper Fort has 3 tier fortifications which is one beneath the other. Its height is 1976 feet. The fort also has quadrangular in its plan with circle circumference length resulting to 2.4 kms, which advances to 460 feet overhead the plains.  These can be reached only through a path which is winding rockyamid the disseminated boulders and these are considered unconquerable.

Outside the citadel, there is a tiny temple that has some deep cells and numerous deep water pools. While within this citadel, there are many strong built buildings with sufficient water supply that comes from reservoirs located in rock clefts. One would be surprised to know that this fort doesn’t have garrison. To store sufficient water, the cisterns in these rocks have been evacuated. There lies a covered passage and ditch on the outer rim of turreted ramparts.

The Lower Fort, nestled at rock’s eastern base, is nearly 0.5 miles in width. People assume that it might have had barracks and arsenal in the past. This Lower Fort has 2 main gates for entrance – eastern side and western side. There is small hanuman temple at the outside premises of eastern gate. Now days it has numerous churches, temples, educational institutes, offices and public buildings.

Best Time to Visit

The months of February, March, October, November and December are considered best to visit Bellary Fort owing to suitable weather condition. The climate is pleasant and worth visiting.

Timings & Tickets

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How to Reach

By Road

Bellary is conveniently linked to network of roads which connects the city to different cities of India through SH132, SH19 and NH63. The city is also well accessed by private and public buses or taxis that charge on per kilometer.

By Air

Bellary Airport is the nearest airport that operated domestic flights only. It is located in Bellary, Karnataka.

By Rail

Reach the city by train. Guntakal is the prominent railway station near Bellary which links the city to other main cities of India.

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