Bengaluru city of Karnataka is the place to visit for tourists interested in parks and gardens. Bengaluru is called the “Garden City of India.” The city also has plenty of water parks and amusements parks.

Famous Parks of Karnataka

Cubborn Park

Cubborn Park is one of the largest parks in Bengaluru. It is not merely a park; it houses various government buildings, historical monuments, and scientific and cultural institutions. The park is sprawled in an area of 300 acres. It has a huge green area dotted with tall trees, flowering plants, and shaded groves. The park boasts of more than 6000 trees and plants.

The silver oak, which is known to be the first oaks introduced to Bengaluru from Australia, is in Cubborn Park.

Coles Park

Coles Park is in East Bengaluru in Fraser Town. The park came into existence in 1914. The park is owned by the Municipal Corporation. It consists of a jogger’s path and a playing area for children. The Bandstand area is high in aesthetic value with benches and a walker path.

Coles Park is disabled-friendly. A ramp at the main gate facilitates entry. There is a wheelchair track, a wheelchair sandpit, and a Sensory Integration track. Swings and play equipment are designed in a manner that disabled children can play too.

Cariappa Memorial Park

Cariappa Memorial Park is in the center of Bengaluru city. This is a part of the Parade Grounds located on MG Road. The park is built to honor Field Marshall K.M. Cariappa, who served the Armed Forces. The park was built in 1996 by the Indian Army.

The park offers play area and games in military theme. At the threshold of the park is a 7 feet high monolith statue of F.M. Cariappa. The park has six sections. It also features a bandstand. Every fortnight six military bands perform here.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

City Bangalore has royal roots. It came into existence as a private garden set up by Hyder Ali in 40 acres of land. Hyder Ali was one of the eminent rulers of old Mysore in 1760. His son Tipu Sultan developed the garden further. It was designed in Mughal style.

At present, Lalbagh is under the Directorate of Horticulture, Government of Karnataka. The Directorate building is amidst the beautiful surroundings of the botanical garden.
Lalbagh gained the position of Government Botanical Garden in 1856. Thereafter, it became a globally known center for botanical artworks and scientific study of plants. Today, the garden occupies a lush area of 240 acres in the center of city.

Bugle Rock

Bugle Rock is a huge rock located in Basavanagudi area in south Bangalore. The rock got its name due to the watch tower of Kempe Gowda. The tower stands on the rock. It was used by Gowda’s men to warn city people of intrusion through a bugle call.

Brindavan Garden

Brindavan Garden lies 12 km northwest of Mysore city. The garden is set up across Cauvery River in Mandya district. The garden is spread in 150 acres. It features a line of colorful fountains.

Brindavan Garden has a splendid boating pond that helps visitors cross the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam from south bank to north bank. Visitors are greeted with a huge area of well-laid-out lawns, a small lake, and different kaleidoscopic rows of blooms. An attractive feature is the lake with its musical fountain at the center. Jets of water make beautiful colorful patterns as they dance at the tune of music. The place gets converted into heaven.

The north bank features a horticultural nursery. Flower beds get illuminated by the lights of the fountain and the garden, adding to the irresistible charm of the place. Brindavan Gardens are basically terrace gardens. The steps are decorated beautifully with plants and flowers. Water flows in between the steps. It is a treat for the eyes.

Karnataka has more such beautiful gardens. They mesmerize visitors. They are some of the most soothing spots in the state.

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