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Akhand Chandi Palace

  • Region

Chamba, Himachal Pradesh

  • Constructed in

1748 - 1764

  • Altitude location

996 m above sea level

  • Special Feature

A mix of British and Mughal styles

Demonstrating the lavishness of Mughals and wonderful architectural planning of the British, Akhand Chandi Place is a unique showcase of fusion of western and eastern architecture.

About Akhand Chandi Palace

Akhand Chandi Palace district Chamba of Himachal Pradesh is a reflection of the extravagance of art and architecture during ancient times. It is situated att a location that gives you amazing views of the Chaugan, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Sui Mata Temple, Chamunda Devi Temple, Rang Mahal, Hari Raai Temple and Bansi Gopal Temple.

This palace was initially constructed as a residential edifice. Raja Umed Singh started its construction in the year 1748-1764. Later, Raja Sham Singh rebuilt and renovated it under the guidance of British engineers. In the year 1879 a Darbar Hall or Marshall Hall was built by Capt Marshal. Under the reign of Raja Bhuri Singh, Zanana Mehal (for the ladies) was added to the palace. This palace largely depicts influence of Mughal architecture where rooms were later added, which show British influence. Hence, the palace building is a mix of British and Mughal creativity. This palace offers great views and what was once residence of the royal family of Chamba, is now a library and hub of literature.

The palace has a distinguishably green roof which corresponds to the other houses at Chamba with its conical roof for snow shedding. Seen from the front. This palace has been made in three parts and forms an unfinished square. There are numerous well designed windows and has been painted white.

Each window has been decorated with an arc design outlining its top side. The walls of Akhand Chandi Palace were hand painted with glass work and minute wood work which added to its glory. The palace has a garden area neatly maintained with a fountain whose peripheries are guarded by small wrought iron designs. It’s situated on a highland from where you have small stone steps to descend down. The garden area has green hedges and a small sitting area.

It was in 1958 that this palace was handed over to the Himachal government by the coming generations of royal family. Himachal Government then set up this palace as a government college and also opened the district library here.

Best Time to Visit Chamba HP

The climate of Chamba in general is fresh and cool. It stays moderate during summers but sees diverse and extreme climatic seasons during the other seasons. Summers extend from May to June and they are moderate and pleasant. Maximum temperature touches 35°C. Winters last from December to February and they are chilly. Mercury level generally touches 0°C and severe snowfall can occur. This time is perfect for snow skiing. Monsoons extend from July to August. At this time the weather stays cloudy, humid and misty.

The best season to visit Chamba is from March to October where you can avoid chilly winters and high snowfall days. March and April months show cool and dry climate. It is the best time for sightseeing snow clad peaks at higher altitudes. October and November are dry but cold. December to February is snow bound and chilly.

How to Reach Chamba

By Air

Gaggal Airport in Kangra valley is the nearest airport to Chamba. The airport is 185 km away from Chamba, which takes up to 3 hours to drive. This airport connects domestic flights only to Delhi. International travellers will have to travel via Delhi and other international flights can be accessed. Delhi Airport is connected to all major cities in India and major foreign cities.

By Rail

Pathankot is the nearest broad gauge railway station, which is 122 km away from Chamba town. Pathankot city is well connected to Amritsar, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. Pathankot city offers good transport communication services to Chamba and Dalhousie. Dalhousie has a meter gauge railhead and Pathankot and Dalhousie are connected via few trains.

By Road

Chamba is well connected with major cities by a network of well maintained roads. The approximate distances of some important cities are:

Chandigarh  346 km 
Delhi  633 km 
Bangalore   2816 km 
Dalhousie    56 km
Dharamsala  187 km 

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Akhand Chandi Palace
Akhand Chandi Palace
Akhand Chandi Palace
Akhand Chandi Palace
Akhand Chandi Palace
Akhand Chandi Palace

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