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Tsuglagkhang Monastery

The Tsuglagkhang Monastery is one of the most famous monasteries of Buddhist people since this one is the biggest one outside Tibet. This monastery is the home complex for His Holiness Dalia Lama and his devotees, monks and other meditational followers. The monastery is opened for all tourists during day time but the home residence of His Holiness & quarters of other followers are not allowed to visit for tourists. This monastery is the biggest meditation and Mantra Chanting temple for Buddhist people around the country. From outer look the monastery resembles a simple home made of brick & mortar but from inside is beautifully carved with paintings, murals and pictures that provide it a beautiful look of a Buddhist temple. The temple is widely famous for its Kora ritual. A proper screening as well as security check is necessary to pass in order to enter the premises of this holy monastery.


Tsuglagkhang Monastery is the home for His Holiness Dalai Lama and is situated in Maclodganj suburb of DharamShala district in Himachal Pradesh. This is a part of Upper DharamShala in H.P. This is more like a temple along with being a residential complex for His Holiness and his followers. The building which is very simple & attractive from inside as well as outside overlooks the incredible valley of Kangra and has downside of the Indian Himalayan range’s Dhaula Dhar range.

This remarkable monastery at one end has a large Tibetan community and inside it has the built-up complexes for Dalai Lama, meditation centers and monks. Another tourist attraction of Himachal Pradesh, Bhagsunaag is very close to the monastery. The monastery is surrounded by beautiful mountains, forests and trees that add up to the serene beauty of this monastery.

Architecture and Fittings

Tsuglagkhang Monastery is beautifully built with simplicity, same as of a brick & mortal house. The temple doesn’t radiate the affluence relevant to a monastery. It is more of a provisional setting for the residence of His Holiness - the Dalai Lama as well as his holy followers. This is among those rare monasteries which do not provide the feel of an ancient monastery yet provides the simple feeling of a home like structure. The monastery has photos of Potala Palace. These pictures are hung along with the pictures of Buddhist religious leaders, of monks and Tibetan deities.

The first building inside the Tsuglagkhang Monastery is of Tibet Museum. The ground floor of the monastery comprise of Chinese incursion of Tibet along with several other pictures from that time. Museum also portrays documentary. These all are incorporated with a purpose to show tourists the major cause behind the big inflow of Tibetans to India while settling down there. This monastery is the biggest Tibetan temple located outside Tibet. It has got a big meditation hall that comprise of some beautiful thangkas, and statues along with Kalachakra temple that has beautiful murals.

The monastery also has a place called Namgyal Gompa which is reserved for Tibetan monks to get indulge in a religious debate. There is also famous Kora ritual which includes walking in a clockwise direction along with a specific path. This walk is supposed to provide pleasure doing the walk to the person. This monastery has its own garden, cafeteria, a book shop, museum and a library with several activities possible inside the monastery. This is the primary temple for Buddhist people.


Daily worshipping takes place inside Tsuglagkhang Monastery which is done under the supervision of His Holiness Dalai Lama with his follower monks. People can attend this worship but from a distance. The worship is done daily at early morning. Religious assemblies and holy teachings are organized inside the monastery complex from time to time. Butter lamps are enlightened in the evening with the belief of dispelling the darkness. Regular prayers are practiced in the temple for the well being & prosperity of entire world.


Various festivals related to Buddhism religion are held in the complex of the Tsuglagkhang Monastery. Tourists and local people are allowed to attend & enjoy these festivals. There are many functions that are also celebrated in the temple from time to time.

Reaching There

One can reach Dharamshala via train, bus or airport. Once reached DharamShala, taxi and bus service is available to go to Maclodganj where Tsuglagkhang Monastery is located. The temple is open from 10am to 6pm for visitors. The total distance in kilometers between Tsuglagkhang Monastery and DharamShala is hardly 20 km.

Where to Stay

DharamShala and Maclodganj have got numerous hotels, guest houses and lodgings to stay. These are available in all ranges.

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Tsuglagkhang Monastery
Tsuglagkhang Monastery
Tsuglagkhang Monastery
Tsuglagkhang Monastery
Tsuglagkhang Monastery
Tsuglagkhang Monastery

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