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A Great Place for Kids to Indulge in Creative Activities

National Bal Bhavan is an interesting place for kids to visit while in New Delhi. It is an institution that is focused on improving the creative abilities of children. To achieve this objective, Bal Bhavan provides them the perfect platform for various creative activities. Kids can explore the various opportunities available at the place which is compartmentalized according to the age, ability and aptitude of children.

Location and History

National Bal Bhavan or NBB as its popularly known is located on Kotla Road near the ITO in New Delhi. It is an autonomous body. Its activities are monitored by the Ministry of Human Resources Development which also fully funds the functioning of the place. NBB was founded in 1956 for furthering the creative activities of children in the five to 16 years age group. The key objectives of establishing National Bal Bhavan was to provide a platform where children can explore and further enhance their creative potential. The NBB helps inculcate scientific temper in kids and motivates them to experiment, innovate and create.

Provides Kids the Ideal Development Platform

For unleashing the creative abilities of children, it is necessary to provide them with a barrier-free and stress-free environment. NBB does just that. Children can get inspiration from participating in a broad range of creative activities that includes topics like science, literature, creative arts, photography and the like.

These facilities offered to kids at the National Bal Bhavan help them satiate their creative urges while providing them the chance to explore their areas of interest even deeper. The NBB strives to dispel the notion that performing art activities is just a recreational effort. It stresses on the fact that these activities in fact, provide an amazing outlet for kids to express their thoughts, feelings and deeper emotions. It helps create a rhythm in their life and inspires them to do better in every aspect.

Training Provided In Various Forms of Performing Arts

The NBB guides them in enhancing their skills in various forms of performing arts. The teachers and trainers at the NBB also helps create awareness about the value of hard work. In short, the NBB prepares kids to face and successfully deal with the various challenges that life may throw at them in the course of their evolution.

Children of age 5-16 can become members by paying a token membership fee. Entry to the National Bal Bhavan is free. They can take up any two activities they wish to. Apart from the main activities, they can also participate in activities related to environment, aquarium work, publication and library activities.

Information for Visitors

The National Bal Bhavan is open to visitors on all days from 0900 Hrs to 1730 Hrs except Sundays, Mondays and Public Holidays. Photography is allowed inside the place. Free drinking water is available but there is no canteen facility inside the Bhavan.

How To Reach

National Bal Bhavan is located on the Kotla Road which is easily accessible by state transport buses and taxis. The nearest metro station is Pragati Maidan on the Blue Line. The nearest airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport.

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