Tiger Falls

If you are looking for a place that is untouched and unpolluted by tourists, Tiger Falls is the place that you have to visit. Located at Chakrata, the height of this waterfall is around 312 feet. You can get to this place only if you are a trekker. As you trek along 5km from Chakrata, you will see the beautiful Tiger Falls flowing in full glory. A small pond is found at the place where the  water falls into. Take a relaxing swim here and feel fresh as you feel the ice-cold waters on your body. Located at a place far from the commercial hustle-bustle, Tiger Falls is the place that you need to go, if rejuvenation is the reason for your visit.

Kempty Falls

Located in the scenic place of Musoorie, Kempty Falls is the place where you will experience unlimited fun and entertainment. More of a vibrant and noisier tourist spot than the Tiger Falls, this place is the best one for you to visit along with a group of friends and kids. As you travel 15km from Musoorie, the sight of this milky white water flowing over the rocks and falling into a splashing pool below, attracts you immensely. Have your cameras and smartphones ready as you are sure to get some magical moments in this beautiful place. If you wish to stay for a period here to enjoy the beauty, you will find lots of accommodation options in and around this area. Though it is open all through the year, you are advised not to visit here during monsoon season, as the force of water is too high here during this time.

Corbett Falls

Surrounded all around by dense forests, incessant chirping of birds, various strange sounds of animals and birds, aroma of different kinds of flowers and plants, Corbett Falls is a picture of divine beauty. It is located in the interiors of the Jim Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary and is a must-visit place for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, professional photographers and other tourists who travel in groups. Apart from bathing in the pool, you can enjoy various other activities like trekking, nature trails, wildlife viewing, bird-watching and the like, while you come here. There is a strange tranquillity in the air of this falls which is difficult to attain anywhere else; this ambience is the USP of this place.

Jharia Pani Falls

Located at just about 8 km from the hill station of Musoorie, the Jharia Pani Falls is a sight to behold indeed. If you want to visit this place, you must be ready to trek for one km at least to reach here. However, when you trek, there is absolutely no chance of you feeling the least bit tired, because what you will see on your way will leave you awestruck. All along the trekking trail, lush and green farmlands, chill mountain air, blue peaks and a quiet ambience will greet you and welcome you warmly to the falls. Located in the midst of a forest, this waterfalls provides an opportunity for tourists to explore the fauna and flora of the forests as well.

Birthi Falls

This is a beautiful, yet unexplored waterfalls in Uttarakhand’s Pithoragarh district. This waterfalls is clearly meant to be reached only by professional trekkers only. This is because the way that leads to the falls is very risky. The path is steep and there are no railings anywhere for trekkers to balance themselves. However, the risk is worth it, when you finally get to see the beauty of the falls. With the constant chirping of birds and butterflies all over, many people come here to meditate on the rocks with the cool waters of the falls splashing on them, while falling into the pond below. Since this place is almost empty at all times, it is a great place for getting mental rejuvenation.

Bhatta Falls

This is yet another beautiful waterfalls located near the famous hill station of Musoorie. Just like all the other waterfalls in Uttarakhand, this too has to be reached only by a trek route. One of the major highlights of this place is that you can find eateries selling awesome food right in the vicinity of the waterfalls. After you feel fresh after bathing in the fresh pool of water and lazing around with your friends and family, enjoy some of the must have dishes here – boiled eggs, noodles and coffee. Your trip is complete only after tasting these delicacies.

There are many other waterfalls in Uttarakhand like:

  • Sahastradhara
  • Patna Waterfalls
  • Gangnani Hot Water Spring
  • Sahastradhara Sulphur Spring
  • Badrinath Tapta Kund
  • Heena Waterfalls
  • Yamunotri Waterfall

All of these are capable of providing you unforgettable moments in your life.

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