Apart from Shivratri and Holi festivals that bring along a lot of funfair and colorful fairs, people of HP celebrate more such vibrant festivals.

Tourists can visit this state of India at any time of the year to immerse themselves in the rich festivities, to mingle with the cultural crowd, and to have a frolic time with the folks here.

Doongri Festival

The “Valley of Gods”, Kullu, celebrates Doongri Festival in May. It features a colorful fair held near the famous Hadimba Temple, about 1.5 kms from Manali’s bus stand. The fair is also called Hadimba Devi Fair.

The festival marks the beginning of spring. The entire valley is dotted with colorful blooms. Freshness, aroma, and vibrancy of flowers all around the valley gives one of the most blissful times of their lives to tourists here. To add to the color and fun are small kites that fly high in sky, marking the arrival of this pleasant season. This welcoming of the Spring is also called “Basant Panchami.”

Baisakhi Festival

Fairs are organized at various places in HP to celebrate this festival. People carry their village deities in processions. In upper hills of the state, people do the “Mala Dance” by forming a large circle. The fair also features games like wrestling and archery.

Kullu Dussehra Festival

This festival purely reflects the state’s culture. Tourists can have a glimpse of the lifestyle and the love of music and dance of people here. Visitors who wish to see the “true colors” of Himachal must participate in Kullu’s unique Dussehra Festival. People from Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh come here to dip in the flamboyance of this festival.


Lohri is also called Saza or Maghi at some places. The festival is celebrated in mid January (1st of Magh). People complete their agricultural activities and feast and have fun on this day. They organize huge family get-togethers. The festival lasts 8 days. On the last day, families gather around a bonfire and have fun almost the whole night. The festival is marked with songs and dance.


This festival is also called “PrithviPooja.” It is celebrated in mid August (1st of Bhadon). This is a month long festival during which farmers do not yoke oxen. The festival is called Badranjo in Kullu and Pathroru in Chamba, where it is a festival of flowers. This festival is fun time for girls who dance and celebrate on the first day.

Minjar Fair of Festival

This week-long festival begins on the second Sunday of August. Minjar is second name for Maize flowers. People offer Maize flowers, a fruit, a coconut, a few paddy tentacles and a ruppe to the God of Rain, Varuna. The festival is celebrated in Chowgan in Chamba town.

Phul Yatra Fair or Festival

This is an auspicious festival celebrated in Kinnaur Valley of Himachal Pradesh. The festival marks the beginning of the closing season of snow-capped valley. One of the most attractive fairs is organized to celebrate this festival. As the name suggests, the fair is characterized by its flower-watching event. The fair is also called “Fullaich.”

The festival begins before the arrival of winter in the month of Bhadrapada. The festival honors people who passed away in the valley. Tribal people sing and dance; they have fun and drink in merry. Lion dance and mask dance are two big attractions of this festival. People collect the lovely Ladra flowers and offer them to their deceased family members. There is a lot of beating of drums to cheer up people who climb hills to collect flowers.

This festival attracts both local and global tourists. It is a memorable event for the tribals here. The tribal community showcases its old weapons during the fair, besides selling local products like traditional sweets, colorful clothes, utensils, crockery, handicrafts, pottery, and more.

Summer Festival

It is held in Shimla in May every year. It marks cultural function. Local people, school children, and famous personalities come here to perform. This festival is organized since 1960. It is a global event organized at the Ridge of Shimla. Last year, in 2013, the festival also organized Miss Shimla Pageant. This summer carnival held in the “Queen of Hills” (Shimla) displays the grandeur culture of this state. Visitors can relish Himachali cuisines and soak their senses in the cultural talent, handicraft shows, star concerts, fashion shows, flower shows, dog shows, and lots of other interesting activities.

Ice Skating Festival

This festival is held in Shimla annually. Do you know Shimla is the only place in the whole of Asia that features a natural ice-skating rink? This sport starts in early December and continues till February. This festival attracts skaters from all over India and outside.

In every nook and corner of Himachal Pradesh you would find a festival or fair taking place. The only way to get a complete picture of the state’s cultural heritage is to come here and experience it.

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