Sikkim-"Land of Mystical Splendor"

Sikkim is one of the best places in India to get a breath of fresh air and viewing Mother Nature at its best. Further, the clouds below knee-point add the extent of fascination. It is in a state of untouched natural beauty.

Why Visit Sikkim

Visit Sikkim to unlock the mystery behind the beauty of mountains and rivers. Sikkim is one of the most preferred places for Adventure lovers. Sikkim can also prove to be one of the best 'Summer destinations of India'.

Sikkim - The Garden of the War God ' Indra '

Sikkim is a beautiful state that is located at the backdrop of the mighty Himalayan Mountain Range. The state contains interesting places in its boundaries like Bhutan (towards its east), Tibet Autonomous Region of China (towards its north and east), West Bengal (towards its south) and Nepal (towards its west).

Sikkim, one of the rapidly growing Indians states, was ranked no.3 in the list of states that had the least GDP as per data gathered during 2012. Agriculture and tourism are the two main industries in Sikkim through which the state earns its revenue. Most of the people living in Sikkim are either Hindus or Vajrayana Buddhists. Though the local inhabitants of Sikkim are mostly natives of Nepal (the only state in the country to have so many Nepalis), there are around 11 languages that are in vogue in the state currently like Nepali, Gurung, Bhutia, Newari, Rai, Limbu, Magar, Lepcha, Sunwar, English and Tamang.

Sikkim is dominated by the presence of the mighty Himalayas on all its four sides. There are various hills in the state hovering between the average height of 280m and 8586m, that is, between 920feet and 28169 feet. Hilly terrain is the main kind of surface all over the state. Just on the border of Sikkim and neighbouring country Nepal, one can see the tallest peak of Kanchenjunga, which also happens to be the 3rd tallest peak in the world. Hilly terrains are not compatible for cultivation, which is why, there are not many farmlands here in the state. In spite of all this, the hilly terrains in certain areas are converted into terrace cultivations. Another characteristic feature about Sikkim is the number of streams that are found here. During winters, these streams froze because of icy and snowy climate. Teesta River is the main river of Sikkim, it flows into the state along with its main tributary of Rangeet. 33% of the state is covered with forests.

Of the Himalayan Mountain Ranges that cover all the four borders of the state, the southern portion of Lower Himalayas is the one that is highly inhabited. A few geographical features of the state are simply astounding like mountain peaks (28), glaciers (80), lakes with great heights (227), rivers and streams (100), hot springs (5), mountain passes (8) and many more. These ensure that the state is connected well with nearby countries like Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. These hot springs contain waters with healing properties. Some of the famous springs of Sikkim are Borang, Taram-Chu, Yumthang, Yumey Samdong, Phurchachu and Ralang. High in sulphur quotient, these springs give out hydrogen and are maintained at an average temperature of 50 degrees Celsius.

Festivals in Sikkim

Sikkim is a state of celebrations and festivals. Every month, citizens of Sikkim involve themselves in some festival. Hindus and Buddhists play a major role in the culture of the state.

Religious Festival (Bumchu Festival, Dasain, Losar, Losoong)

Buddhism and Hinduism are the two major religions followed in Sikkim and that is why, the state majorly celebrates Hindu and Buddhist festivals. Muslims and Christians too celebrate their festivals with peace.

Tourism Festival (Flower Festival, Gangtok Food and Culture Festival, Ravangla Festival)

The tourism sector of Sikkim is also renowned because the major tourism festivals. The festivals of food, flower and culture makes a sober appeal for tourism in state.


Attractions In Sikkim

Village Tourism


Uttarey Eco-Tourism Development

This society is located on Indo-Nepal Border. This place is provided with all basic amenities and plays a vital role in tourism sector of state. With Gangtok nearby, Uttarey Eco-Tourism Development is a mountainous village for tour.


Darap Cherry Village

Darap Cherry Village is a green hilly village on the outskirts of Sikkim. Visitors love to stay at this place because of the natural peace prevailing here. It is a perfect village to relax in the lap of nature.

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Notable Personalities In Sikkim


Baichung Bhutia

Baichung Bhutia is a well known footballer of India born in Sikkim. He is one of the most renowned football players of India. He joined Trinamool Congress for fighting Lok Sabha elections in 2014.

Tarundeep Rai

Tarundeep Rai

Tarundeep Rai is an archer from Sikkim who became the first Indian to win a silver medal in Asian Games. He secured many achievements from a very low age.

Pawan Kumar Chamling

Pawan Kumar Chamling

Pawam Kumar Chamling is the founder of Sikkim Democratic Front and has been the Chief Minister of Sikkim 4 times. He is the only CM of India serving the people for 4 years successively.

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Culture in Sikkim

People from different communities and religions play a vital role in shaping Sikkim's Culture. They enjoy and respect each and every festival with a lot of zeal and fervour.

Handicrafts & Handlooms in Sikkim

The traditional arts and crafts of the state promote the handicrafts sector of Sikkim. The main emporium is found at Zero Point of Gangtok. With gaining popularity, handicrafts sector is booming nationwide.

Homestays in Sikkim

Sikkim Homestays are nothing different from the Himalayan homestays. With the increasing tourism, the state government emphasizes on with more and best facilities for tourists.


Dzongu Home Stays

Dzongu Home Stays are present in North West part of Sikkim presenting a biological diversity. With rich flora and fauna, the place adheres to the beautiful Mount Everest.


Gurung Homestays

Gurung Homestays are one of the best places of Sikkim to stay in. The place boasts for its naturopathy and delicious food.


Hee-Bermiok Home Stays

Hee-Bermiok Homestays present in Western part of Sikkim attracts visitors because of the huge Kanchenjunga at rear side. It is a truly natural place consisting of mountains, streams, birds and animals.


Himalayan Homestay

Sikkim Himalayan Homestay indulges in staying of tourists in the lap of Himalayas experiencing new stuff daily. This Homestay is the most favourable among tourists because the sudden adventure.


Kabi Home Stays

Kabi Home stays are most known for their hygienic maintenances. The lifestyle is very disciplined and good for health. In the natural beauty of Sikkim, Kobi Homestays adds an excitement in life.>


Kewzing Home Stays

Kewzing Home stays mainly belongs of Buddhists. This southern part of Sikkim Homestays adds the touch of cultural tour in an excited journey. The home stays allow you to have a different sightseeing altogether.

Buddhist Circuit

Buddhism is the main religion followed in Sikkim. The Buddhist Circuit of Sikkim adds Monasteries, Gompas, robed dresses in tourists journey. Many secret teachings of Buddhism can be extracted here.



Samdruptse is the hill on the name of a Buddhist Saint also known as with fulfilling hill. The great statue of Guru Padmasambhava is present on the hill. It is a major location of Buddhist circuit in Sikkim.


Monasteries of Sikkim

There are around 200 monasteries alone in the state of Sikkim. These monasteries are very beautiful and worth watching. These monasteries secure the cultural heritage of the state.