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Jhajjar Bachauli Wildlife Sanctuary

The Indian state of Punjab is home to several historical cities and sites. Anandpur Sahib is one such historical city also known as the Holy City of Bliss. The town holds a lot of significance in the Sikh religion and is prosperous in tradition and history. The city is located in the north eastern corner of Punjab. It is bordered by Gobind Sagar reservoir in the north and Rupnagar in the south. It is believed that the town was established by Guru Tej Bahadur. There are several Sikh shrines and important gurudwaras located in the city.

The Jhajjar-Bachauli Wildlife Sanctuary is located about 15 Km from the city of Anandpur Sahib. The nature reserve is placed in the wooded area owned by government in the Rupnagar District. The Jhajjar-Bachauli Wildlife Sanctuary spans over an area of 289 acres. Around 218 acres belongs to the Jhajjar Village, 55 acres of the area belongs to the Bachauli Village and 16 acres belongs to the Lamlehri Village. The sanctuary is home to predators like leopard, jackal, etc. Sambars, barking deer and hare are some harmless animals that reside in the sanctuary.

The entire area of the sanctuary is covered with lots of trees such as amla, kikar, neem, pipal, shisham, bamboo, etc. These trees support a lot of avifauna and also several insects. Visitors to the sanctuary can see a wide range of animals, reptiles and insects in their natural habitats. The sanctuary is beautiful and offers scenic views of nature. With the Sutlej River flowing not far from the sanctuary it is an ideal destination for bird lovers to spot some species of birds. The sanctuary is best visited during the winter season. The summer and monsoon months have high temperatures making it difficult for people to roam around the area.

The Jhajjar-Bachauli Wildlife Sanctuary is conveniently connected by road through the city of Anandpur Sahib. The sanctuary is just 15 Km from the city and different modes of transport are available from the city to reach the sanctuary. Visitors should carry binoculars and camera when visiting the sanctuary. The area is lush and beautiful and when visited during the appropriate season tourists can see the entire area in bloom.


The Jhajjar-Bachauli Wildlife Sanctuary was initially declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1998 and later a final notification was issued in 2003. The sanctuary is located close to Anandpur Sahib and offers visitors a wonderful destination to visit and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The Jhajjar-Bachauli Wildlife Sanctuary is a beautiful destination designed to preserve the local flora and fauna of the region. The sanctuary has attracted several visitors from across the state and the country because of its beauty and availability of flora and fauna. For anyone visiting Anandpur Sahib, a visit to the Jhajjar-Bachauli Wildlife Sanctuary is a must.


Flora: Amb, Arjun, Amla, Bamboo, Bohr, Eucalyptus, Dhak, Kikar, Khair, Neem, Mesquite, Chibil Papri, Pipal, Siris, Shisham, Subabul, etc.

Fauna: Barking Deer, Hare, Blue Bull, Jackal, Leopard, Mongoose, Jungle cat, Porcupine, Pangolin, Sambar, Wild Boar, Python, Cobra, Rat Snake, Monitor Lizard, Garden Lizard, Red Jungle Fowl, etc.

Best Time To Visit

The most favourable time to visit the Jhajjar-Bachauli Wildlife Sanctuary is from October to March. This is the time when the weather is mild and cold and tourists can enjoy visiting the area. During other seasons the temperatures are not favourable as it can get quite hot during the summers and humid during monsoon.

How To Reach The Jhajjar Bachauli Wildlife Sanctuary

The Jhajjar-Bachauli Wildlife Sanctuary can be reached easily from Anandpur Sahib. The sanctuary is located about 15 KM from Anandpur Sahib by bus, taxi, local transport or private car. Anandpur Sahib is located on the state highway 22 and offers good connectivity to most of the main cities of Punjab. Rupnagar is located about 42 Km, Hoshiarpur is about 83 Km and Chandigarh is about 92 Km away from the city. Buses are easily available from all major cities of Punjab to Anandpur Sahib.

Anandpur Sahib has a railway station located about 1 Km from the city centre. It is a broad gauge railway line and is connected to main cities like Ambala, Minapur, Nangal, Rupnagar, Karatpur Sahib, Fatehgarh Sahib, etc.

The closest airport to Anandpur Sahib is in Chandigarh about 92 Km away. Direct flights to Jammu, Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur are available from Chandigarh. From the airport visitors can take buses or taxis to reach Anandpur Sahib.

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