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Bir Mehas Wildlife Sanctuary

Punjab has been known for its land fertility and richness of wildlife. It is also known for the natural landscapes which are very beautiful. It has an abundance supply of water due to the rivers. Here there are many wildlife sanctuaries which cater to a variety of species from animals to birds. Today it has become very important to protect endangered species from being extinct. These sanctuaries focus on the protection of the animals and birds as well as spread awareness across people by allowing them to come and see the beauty that the sanctuaries have to offer. Conservation has become one of the most important factors and the officials as well as the people, who work hand in hand, ensure the safety of these animals. Apart from that, there is also a conservation of various birds and flowers. One such sanctuary in this beautiful state is Bir Mehas Wildlife Sanctuary.Bir Mehas Wildlife Sanctuary

Else known as Bir Mehaswala Wildlife Sanctuary, the Bir Mehas Wildlife Sanctuary is very close to the town of Nabha in the Patiala District of Punjab, this sanctuary is a very small sanctuary. This sanctuary is spread across 305 acres or 123.43 hectors of government property. This sanctuary was declared officially under the Preservation of Fauna of Patiala Act, 1896 on February 28th, 1952. This was declared under the Patiala and East Punjab State Union Government Notification else known as PEPSU. Just like the state itself, this sanctuary reflects the richness and beauty of Punjab. The Bir Mehas Wildlife Sanctuary was named after the Mehas which is a village that is situated in the sanctuary's vicinity itself. This is located on the Nabha-Malerkotla Road, adjusted to Nabha. The Bir Mehas Wildlife Sanctuary falls under the forest classification called The Northern Tropical Dry Mixed Deciduous Forest.

How To Reach

Tourists have the option to travel by train, planes or even by bus. The Chandigarh Airport is very close to the sanctuary. It is around 86 kms from the Bir Mehas Wildlife Sanctuary. The Nabha Railway Station which is just 3 kms away from the sanctuary is the nearest railway station. If you want to opt for a bus, then you can go to the bus stand which is 27 kms away from here. Tourists can also opt to go to the Bir Mehas Wildlife Sanctuary by travelling with the local public transportation like auto rickshaws, taxis as well as the Punjab Road Transportation Corporation local buses if they want to opt for it.

Fauna And Flora

Wildlife has always been an eye catcher for humans from a very long time. There are some people who love to learn and see the different wildlife that is available across the globe. Each country has its own set of wildlife species. The same applies for Punjab. In the Bir Mehas Wildlife Sanctuary, a person can get to see wildlife species like Jackal, Peafowl, Sambar (deer), Jungle Cat, Blue Bull, Rose Ringed Parakeet, Grey Partridge, Black Partridge, Rhesus Monkey or Rhesus Macaque, Wild Boar, Peafowl, Spotted Owlet etc are some of the main species found here.

India is known to be rich in natural beauty. It has a variety of fauna and flora due to the variation in different climates across the country itself. The Indian Soil is known to be very fertile in most parts of the country due to which you can get to see different species of fauna and flora. In the Bir Mehas Wildlife Sanctuary, you can get to see various kinds of flora species. Amongst the flora species found here, you will get to see Siris, Eucalyptus, Mesquite, Arjun, Phalahi, Jamun, Shisham, Karri, Khair, Beri, Kikar, Kikar , Simbal, Karonda, Mulberry etc. are just a few popular one's from the many others that are found here.

Accommodation Nearby

For people, who visit this sanctuary; can stay in various hotels that are located around the sanctuary in the town of Nabha. They can also opt to stay in the hotels in Patiala also. These hotels are located around 28 kilometers. There is a huge variety of hotels of different budgets and price ranges. From Budget hotels to resorts with the best amenities at prices that are affordable as well as luxury hotels.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit this sanctuary is during the winter season.

Tour Packages

There are many tour packages which are available with the local travel agents for the different wildlife sanctuaries around the place. A visitor can contact the travel and tours companies locally to find out about the various options open for you. There are also websites where a person can book their tour packages based on their requirements and needs.

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