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Bir Gurdialpura Wildlife Sanctuary

Though Punjab is a small state in terms of its area compared to other states of India, it is one of the most significant states in all terms – agriculturally, historically, politically and also environmentally. The area of the entire state is little more than a fifty thousand square kilometres but it has a large area of forestland, which is of immense help to the environment of the Indian subcontinent and the world at large. It is a state basically with an agrarian economy and being one of the largest producers of wheat in India. Punjab is not just the state with intensive cultivation carried out on 84% of its area but it is also famous for housing 13 wildlife sanctuaries. These sanctuaries not just provides shelter to a large number of animals but also has lots of trees growing here which helps to maintain the much needed ecological balance.

The sanctuaries were developed because of the decreasing area of forest land in Punjab. At present, Punjab has lost a lot of its forest areas because of clearing of forests for various purposes such as agriculture, industrialization, construction, etc. In order to preserve the biodiversity of Punjab the sanctuaries were developed at various points of time. Such an important sanctuary in Punjab is the Bir Gurdialpura Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary provides natural biodiversity to a large number of species, many of which are on the verge of extinction. Starting from aquatic animals to land and aerial animals all are found at the sanctuary.

The Bir Gurdialpura Wildlife Sanctuary is located at a distance of about 15 km from Samana, a city in the district of Patiala. Its distance from the Patiala city is around 45km. The sanctuary is located on the road connecting Patiala city with Shatrana via Samana. This place is not just the home to a large variety of flora and fauna but also an important tourist location. Tourists from various parts of India as well as abroad visit this place.


This sanctuary was one of the hunting areas of the erstwhile rulers of Patiala city due to its good ecological values. However, things started changing with change in time and after independence, need for protecting the wildlife of this place was felt by the framers of modern Punjab. Initially the forest was declared as protected area. Later on with passing of the Fauna of Patiala Act the place was converted into a sanctuary under the provisions of the act.


As mentioned, the Bir Gurdialpura Wildlife Sanctuary is a home to a large number of plants and trees, a large variety of plants grow in this region. Some of the trees that grow in and around this sanctuary are Kikar, Eucalyptus, Neem, Drek, Simbal, Shisham, Beri, Jamun, Arjun and Dhak.


Just like the diverse flora of the Bir Gurdialpura Sanctuary there is a rich fauna of this place as well. Some of the species of the fauna of Bir Gurdialpura Sanctuary are also endangered. Animals that form a part of the fauna at the Bir Gurdialpura Wildlife Sanctuary are jungle cat, hare, blue bull, peafowl, jackal, parakeets, black buck, etc. Some of the endangered animals that are found in this sanctuary include otter, pangolin, python and river dolphin. There is also a zoo and a deer park in this region which provides shelter to various kinds of animals. Hog deer, red jungle fowl, spotted owl, etc are some of the other members of the fauna at Bir Gurdialpura Sanctuary.

Things To Do In Bir Gurdialpura Sanctuary

Since, the sanctuary provides shelter to a large number of birds and animals it is going to make your visit to Bir Gurdialpura Wildlife Sanctuary an exciting one. You can draw immense pleasure simply by making a safari through this forest. If you want you can also involve in taking photographs of the flora and fauna of this place. As large numbers of birds visit this place, you can also involve in bird photography.

Accommodation Facility

Tourists visiting Bir Gurdialpura sanctuary can opt for hotels around the sanctuary or at the hotels of Patiala Town, which is situated 45 km far from the sanctuary according to their budget. It offers good and luxurious hotels at an affordable price.

How To Reach

Reaching Bir Gurdialpura Sanctuary is very easy from Samana or Patiala city. However, you will have to first come to these places from other parts of the country either by air, trains or buses. There are lots of buses and trains to Patiala city while flights are available up to Chandigarh. Bir Gurdialpura wildlife sanctuary is found on the road connecting Shatrana and Patiala via Samana. It takes about 45 km to travel from the Patiala and 15kms from Samana. Local transport Patiala city like auto rickshaws, taxis and public buses are available to reach the place.

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