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Bir Bhadson Wildlife Sanctuary

Punjab is known for its culture, scenic beauty as well as the variety of Fauna and Flora. The wildlife here is very significant. This is because of the numerous wetlands, sanctuaries which cater to both birds as well as wild life. It is also home to various birds that migrate from all across the world during the migration seasons. Due to the richness of the wild life here, Government officials along with forest officials as well as the general public work together to ensure the safety of the wild life that is here. The sanctuaries are well protected and is open to the public so that they can spread the right message across as well as people can get to see the different kinds of wild beauties that are available here as well as help the animals from getting extinct. Endangered species are taken care of in these sanctuaries and the officials make it a point to ensure that they are safe as well as taken care of in the right way. They are very strict, along with the safety of the fauna and flora; they also ensure the safety of people who come here.

Bir Bhadson Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the biggest secured Wild Life Sanctuaries in Punjab. It is located in the western area of Nabha - Bhadson - Amloh Street of Nabha. This Bir Bhadson Wildlife Sanctuary falls in the district of Patiala. This haven is spread in a zone of around the range of 1022.63 hectares. Recent leaders of the spot administered this haven as a Shikargah (Hunting zone for the rulers). This woodland is a great illustration of Northern Tropical Dry Mixed Deciduous woods. It was additionally utilized by the past rulers of Patiala for shooting and chasing. It was protected and supported as a Shikargah. It was proclaimed as an ensured backwoods by Initial Notification in 1952 and after that as a Wildlife Sanctuary. According to characterization of woodlands, this haven falls under the Northern Tropical Dry Mixed Deciduous Forest Type. This sanctuary is the home for many beautiful species of fauna and flora. The species found here are beautiful and breathtaking

Fauna And Flora Found in The Bir Bhadson Wildlife Sanctuary

There are different kinds of wildlife in the state of Punjab itself. The main wild creatures discovered in the Sanctuary  are Jackal , Peafowl, Blue Bull, Jungle Cat, Grey Partridge, Black Partridge, Hare, Rose Ringed Parakeet, Spotted Owlet, Rhesus Monkey are just a few of the many animals that can be found here.

Flora conservation has been known to man for a long time. Just like how you can find flora's in various sanctuaries, the same applies to Bir Bhadson Wildlife Sanctuary, it is a host for an assortment of vegetation like Arjun, Beri, Dhak, Drek, Kikar, Mesquite, Neem, Phalahi, Shisham and Sambal.

Settlement Close Bir Bhadson Wildlife Sanctuary

Finding the right place to stay is very important especially if you are a visitor to a place that you have never been before. For Vacationers who visit this fascinating place, they have an option and can stay in the lodgings around the haven (in Nabha town). If they want they can decide to stay at the Hotels in Patiala based on their convenience and preference. The city of Patiala has extensive variety of convenience. It offers extravagance, plan inns and resorts with exceptional courtesies at competitive costs. Sightseers can decide to stay consistent with their plan. A person can choose from the various hotels as per their budget and convenience. These hotels offer their customer's various amenities to the customers who stay with them. You can also choose to stay at the various resorts that are there.

How To Reach

Bir Bhadson Wildlife Sanctuary is located near Bhadson village - at western area on Nabha - Bhadson - Amloh way, in the region of Patiala, Punjab. Chandigarh runway is found something like 88 kms from the sanctuary. Nabha Railway Stations is the closest route station, found at a separation of 21 kms. Patiala transport stand is placed in the vicinity of 30 kms from the Sanctuary. Sightseers can profit from local transport like - taxis, auto rickshaws and neighborhood transports of Punjab roadways to go to this Wildlife Sanctuary. A person can also opt to hire a vehicle along with a driver or chauffer to make it easy for them to move around the place, especially for foreigners who come here.

Tours Packages

There are many tours and packages available. Visitors can get to know about them by speaking to some of the local travel agents. If they want they can also opt to book for the Bir Bhadson Wildlife Sanctuary tour package online on websites that offer such services.

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