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Bir Aishwan Wildlife Sanctuary

Punjab is a beautiful state also popular as the land of five rivers. There are five rivers that flow through the state namely Sutlej, Beas, Chenab, Ravi and Jhelum. Even though counted among the smallest states of India, Punjab is also one of the most significant states in the country. Punjab is home to several religious places and beautiful pieces of architecture and natural attractions. The state is also known for its lush vegetation and rich soil that supports agriculture, Punjab is also known as the ‘food basket of India’. Punjab is counted among the most productive states in terms of agriculture. The presence of these rivers has given rise to several wetlands, bird sanctuaries and zoological parks in Punjab.

Since the land supports rich vegetation it is quite obvious that it also supports a variety of wildlife. There are several wildlife sanctuaries that are a part of Punjab. The Bir Aishwan Wildlife Sanctuary is among the first established sanctuaries in the state. The area was initially established as a sanctuary in 1952. The Bir Aishwan Wildlife Sanctuary is among the most visited sanctuaries in Punjab. The sanctuary finds a convenient location close to the city of Sangrur and is just 56 Km from Patiala. For those looking to enjoy the beauty of nature and to see wildlife in its native surroundings, the Bir Aishwan Wildlife Sanctuary is a great place to visit.

The Bir Aishwan Wildlife Sanctuary spans over an area of 264 hectares. The sanctuary sprawls over Government land and supports a wide range of flora and fauna. The most dominant fauna in the area is rabbit, money, fox and neelgai. The national bird of India peacock can also be seen roaming freely around the sanctuary. The vegetation in the sanctuary is categorized as the Northern Tropical Dry Mixed Deciduous type. The sanctuary also houses an Environment Information Centre.

The sanctuary is easily accessible from all parts of Punjab. Any mode of public and private transport can be used to reach the sanctuary. The area is best visited during the winter season. During this time the weather is lovely and visitors can enjoy visiting the surroundings.


The history of Bir Aishwan Wildlife Sanctuary can be dated back to 1952. The area of Bir was declared as a protected area on February 28th 1952. The sanctuary is among the first to be established in Punjab. The area was declared as a sanctuary under the Preservation of Fauna of Patiala Rule, 1896. The sanctuary was re-notified as a wildlife sanctuary under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.


Flora: Jungle Cat, Hare, Rhesus Monkey, Blue Bull, Jackal, Spotted Owlet, Peafowl, black partridge, grey partridge and rose ringed parakeet.

Fauna: Shisham, Kahir, Arjun, Jamun, Beri, Kikar, Mesquite, Karonda, Mulberry, Eucalyptus, Neem, Karir, and Simbal

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Bir Aishwan Wildlife Sanctuary is between October and March. This is when the weather is favourable and pleasant to spot the different wildlife varieties and also to enjoy the surroundings and beauty of nature. Visiting the sanctuary during the summer months is not recommended as the temperatures are quite high and roaming around the sanctuary under the hot sun can get uncomfortable for visitors. The rainy season is also not suggested as the area receives heavy rainfall making it inconvenient for visitors to access the sanctuary.

How to Reach Bir Aishwan Wildlife Sanctuary

The Bir Aishwan Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Sangrur district of Punjab. It is located on the Sangrur Sohian Road about 3 Km from the city of Sangrur. The bus station in Sangrur is about 5 Km from the sanctuary. Visitors to the sanctuary can also take auto rickshaws, taxis or cars to reach the sanctuary. The city of Patiala is almost 56 Km away from the sanctuary. The Bir Aishwan Wildlife Sanctuary can be reached from all cities of Punjab by state operated buses or by taxis. The closest railway station to the sanctuary is in Sangrur about 6 Km away from the sanctuary. The Chandigarh airport is the closest airport to the sanctuary about 120 Km away. It takes almost 2 and half hours from the sanctuary to reach the Chandigarh airport. The Chandigarh Airport offers flights connecting most of the major cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, etc.

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