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Sohna Lake

Delhi, the national capital city of India, is famous in tourists’ circle for man-made and natural wonders in nearby areas. The lakes around Delhi are popular tourist spots. Sohna Lake is one such example. Sohna Lake is visited by thousands of tourists. Sohna town lies in the state of Haryana and is situated at the foothills of the Aravali mountain range. It is about 65 kms from the city of Delhi.


The name ‘Sohna’ is said to have origins in Hindi word ‘sona’ meaning ‘gold’. This gold connection is accepted by all due to presence of golden sand in the area around the lake. Sohna Lake is instrumental in making Sohna town as a holiday and health resort. Hot water springs in nearby streams has added fame to this spot.


The picturesque environs of the Aravali hill range provide the perfect backdrop to Sohna. Tourists flock this destination to enjoy nature’s beauty. The medicinal advantages of taking bath in hot water springs has added to the popularity of Sohna. Skin diseases are believed to be cured by bathing in the spring water. Health tourism and holidaying go hand in hand in Sohna Lake.

Best Time To Visit

The very nature of Sohna Lake makes it a popular destination round the year. Tourists visit during weekends or vacations.

How To Reach

Sohna is well connected through road network to other towns and cities. Buses and taxis are preferred by most tourists for traveling to and from Sohna.

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