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Ladakh Buddhist Vihara

This place can get easily missed because of its location behind the huge flyover walls besides a busy bus road.  There is a small sized tunnel that acts as entrance to this place and hardly one could imagine the presence of Little Tibet on other side.  After crossing the gate, one can witness a long array of shops. This place is crowded always and the scene present here may make your presence in Delhi forget for a while. One should take a left side turn to reach Buddha Vihara which is not that equivalent to that in Dharmashala when it comes to grandeur and size but then it delivers sufficient insight of Tibetan religion and culture.

Salvation Amidst Chaos

This Buddhist Monastery otherwise known as Ladakh Buddhist Vihara is brightly colored edifice carrying huge Buddha statue within its premises. There may be slightly less space but definitely it can accommodate few who desperately look to spend few moments in solitary peace.  One can witness bright colored Tibet prayer flags swinging in wind even at far distance which also pass the message that the world inside this arena is quite different from the outside environment.

There is a specialized spot for traditionally designed butter lamps located immediately outside main building and inside the campus there are many statues of Tibetan style which also includes Jawaharlal Nehru who played major role in establishing this community at this place. There is also another well known statue of political and religious importance and which is none other than, Kushok Gyalsras Bakula. The walls of this monastery are designed with Tibetan style ‘Chakras’ which can get rolled by spiritual visitors.

They have elaborately decorated the inside portion of this Vihara. The centre spot is occupied by big Buddha statue. There are large paintings portraying Tibetan craft and art adorning the walls. All these paintings portray various myths and stories associated with life and various times of Buddha. One can witness an old aged monk playing traditional drum whereas people meditate inside this room.

Visitor’s Information

This Buddhist monastery is well maintained beautiful structure which charges nothing for its visitors. Any person can visit this spot, go for meditation and can even go for photography. One should follow basic principles as an exchange of their courtesy. For example, one should keep their footwear outside and should speak in soft tone. Care should be taken to avoid camera flash inside this place in order to give peace for other monks and visitors.


Nothing to worry, if one feels overwhelming mysticism or spirituality at this place. They can very well get back to material world by undergoing retail therapy in adjacent market. This place is called monastery market because of its situation and it also act as treasure trove during winter season. All winter essential items like socks, scarves, gloves, trek pants, sweat shirts, woolens and jackets are available at this place. There are nearly 50 shops offering these items at reasonable rate. If one needs to buy quality product at affordable rate, then this place is meant for them.

Apart from winter essentials, these shops also sell watches, shoes and backpacks but the quality of electronic products are not guaranteed. There are also shops carrying fancy products like semi-precious jewelry, statues and Tibetan artefacts. There are also good restaurants in same place to serve Tibetan delicacies like butter tea, chow-mein, thukpa and momos.

How to Reach

One can reach this Vihara very easily. From Kashmere Gate ISBT, it hardly takes 15 – 20 minutes’ walk to reach this place. There are also cycle rickshaws available at the cost of INR 20. One should visit this place during day time in order to enjoy the Vihara and also to do good shopping. The place remains closed on Mondays.


Ladakh Buddha Vihara, Civil Lines, New Delhi-54
Nearest Metro Station: Kashmere Gate

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