Uttarakhand, referred to as Dev Bhumi or the Land of the Gods, truly presents a heavenly sight with its amazing mountains, flowing streams and stunning greenery. The state has unmatched natural beauty enhanced primarily by the majestic Himalaya ranges, glacier melts and innumerable streams and streamlets. Tourism is the major industry here as the state attracts tourists from India and abroad every year in large numbers. The hill stations of the state are one of the key reasons for the growing number of tourists visiting Uttarakhand. Here is a list of some of the most popular hill stations of this amazing place.

Mussoorie Hill Station

  • Mussoorie is the pride of the state and famous all over the world for its spectacular scenic beauty. It is called the ‘Queen of the Hills’.
  • The average altitude of the place is 1880 meters with the highest peak measuring an impressive 2290 meters making it a great place for those seeking excitement and adventure.
  • Tourists flock to the place for its green carpeted hills and a diverse mix of flora and fauna.
  • The highlights are the north-eastern snow ranges, the Doon Valley and amazing Shivalik ranges in the south.

Chamba Hill Station

  • Chamba is a famous hill station at the foothills of Himalayas. It is at an altitude of 1676 meters above sea level and offers a stunning view of the valley which lies on the other side.
  • The abundance of greenery in the form of pine and deodar gives the hill station a serene and picturesque look which attracts tourists from across the globe.
  • The hill station is more crowded in the winter season when the snow-capped Himalayan peaks reveal a heavenly sight.

Almora Hill Station

  • Almora is famous, not only for its pictorial landscape but also for its rich cultural heritage. The popular hill station is situated in a unique horse shoe shaped ridge of the Kasaya hills.
  • It stands at an elevation of 1638 meters. Apart from the scenic beauty, Almora also has other things to offer such as the unique temples of Golu Devtaji and Nanda Devi.
  • The Katarmal Temple is a famous Sun Temple which is around 800 year old.
  • The sunrise and sunset at Bright End Corner is a sight you must not miss while in Almora.

Nainital Hill Station

  • Nainital is a famous hill station located in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. The captivating natural beauty of the place is accentuated by the mountains on the three sides and the flowing lake Naini.
  • Nainital is in the lap of Central Himalayas and is positioned at an altitude of 1938 meters above sea level.
  • There are more than 60 lakes in Nainital and that’s why it is also known as the Lake District.
  • The top spots for sightseeing here include the Sher-Ka-Danda Ridge, Eco Cave, Tiffin Top and the Guano Hills.

Mukteshwar Hill Station

  • Located at an altitude of 2286 meters above sea level, Mukteshwar is one of the best-known hill stations of the state.
  • It is in the Kumaon region and famous for the 350-year old Shiva Temple known more popularly as Mukteshwar Dham.
  • Mukteshwar is recommended for tourists who love trekking as the hill station has many winding paths for long leisurely walks.
  • The hill station is also famous for Chauli-ki-Jali. It has overhanging cliffs which offers immense opportunities for climbing and rappelling.

Lansdowne Hill Station

  • Lansdowne is one of the most scenic and serene hill stations of the region and offers scenic views of unmatched dimensions.
  • It is relatively unexplored and hence less spoiled than other hill stations.
  • Lansdowne is located in the Pauri Garhwal district and is at about 1700 meters above sea level. Its beauty is significantly enhanced by the dense oak and pine forests surrounding it.
  • The place offers fantastic opportunities for trekking, boating, paddling and bird watching. You can get spectacular views of the surroundings from the top.

Pithoragarh Hill Station

  • Pithoragarh is situated amidst spectacular natural setting. Located at a height of 1,650m above sea level, this place has historical and religious significance too.
  • Pilgrimages for the famous Mansarovar and Kailas destinations commence from Pithoragarh.
  • Cascading waterfalls, snow-clad glaciers, gushing streams and tranquil lakes offer stunningly beautiful sights and rejuvenate tired travelers.
  • Nepal and Tibet are also near to Pithoragarh making this one of the most-desired tourist destinations for travelers visiting the state.

Ranikhet Hill Station

  • Ranikhet is one of the most-visited hill stations of the state and is popular due to its splendid topography.
  • The place attracts many tourists due to amazing trekking trails available here. The hill station presents an artistic canvas with its innumerable varieties of rare trees, oak forest and flower gardens.
  • Visitors can indulge in paragliding as camps are organized by various tour organizers.
  • You can choose from large safari tents to smaller trekking tents to have a comfortable stay here.

Uttarakhand has many other hill stations in the state where tourists can have a great time trekking, watching nature or simply idling amid lush green environs.

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