The churches in Uttarakhand are places of ancient architectural beauty. They depict the richness of a bygone era and are revered by Christians all over the state. Most of the churches in Uttarakhand have more than a century of history in their midst. These are some of the well-known churches in the state.

  • St. John’s Church
  • Kellogg Memorial Church
  • Christ Church
  • St. Mary’s Church
  • Sacred Heart Church

Constructed during 1844, this church is located in the beautiful hill station of Nainital and is one of the important tourist attractions here. It was Daniel Wilson, the Bishop of Calcutta who inaugurated this church by laying the foundation stone and also named it. A huge brass plaque is kept on the altar of the church here. Many people lost their lives during the 1880 Landslip Disaster and their names are inscribed neatly on this plaque. There is also a graveyard here, where some of the victims of this tragedy are buried. The church has an ancient world charm about it with its wooden structure, glass windows that are stained and a unique serene ambience in it.

Kellogg Memorial Church

Built out of pure grey stone, this church constructed in Gothic style of architecture is one of the main tourist attractions in the hill station of Musoorie. Stained glass is used for construction of windows in this church, which makes the structure look absolutely majestic. Construction of this Presbyterian Church was completed during 1903 and ever since, it has been attracting lots of tourists in Musoorie. This church was named after the great professor, Rev. Dr. Samuel H Kellogg, who taught at the Landour Language School at this place.

Christ Church

This church is also found in the hill station of Musoorie. Lots of people from Britain had settled down at this beautiful hill station some 200 years back. It was they who constructed this church during the year 1836. This is considered to be the oldest church in the Himalayan mountain range and attracts lots of tourists to see the life of Jesus Christ inscribed beautifully on its Raphaelite style stained glass windows. During 1906, the Princess of Wales visited this church and planted a deodar sampling. Today, the tree in its full bloom, gives a unique aura to the church. Once inside the church, you will find a 100 year old William Hill organ stored safely. The church with its Gothic style of architecture, excellent interiors and serenity of location, makes you travel back in time.

St. Mary’s Church

Built during 1895, St. Mary’s Church is a beautiful tourist attraction in Lansdowne area in Uttarakhand. Col. AHB Hume of Royal Engineers constructed this church during this time. Over a period of time, the number of Protestants living in Lansdowne started coming down here to a great extent. Therefore, one part of the church was converted into a library or reading room. After India achieved Independence in 1947, most of the Protestants converted themselves into Catholics. Therefore this church started having  lesser and lesser number of devotees. In some time, the design of the church started to give away. This is when the church was converted into a Regimental Museum by the Garhwal Rifles. You can visit the museum to know about the regiment’s role in the pre and post- independence era. Though no longer in use, the church is still visited by many tourists just to get a glimpse of its architectural beauty.

Sacred Heart Church

This is a beautiful church located in the Dehradun in the state of Uttarakhand. It was constructed during 1908 and is served by the Diocesan Clergy. Though there are quite a few churches in Dehradun’s Musoorie hill station, the Sacred Heart Church too receives a fair amount of devotees every day.

All of these churches are among some of the most famous and are visited by non-Christians too purely because of the architectural brilliance and interior design of these churches. These churches have stories of more than 100 years hidden in them and devotees find great thrill in exploring the mystery and serenity of these places of worship.


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