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Aurangzebs Mosque Lucknow

Aurangzeb’s Mosque is situated at Hussainabad in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. It is located near the renowned Bara Imambara.

The mosque has been a hub of religious activities earlier, particularly due to its location near the Bara Imambara, which gives a beautiful panoramic view of the mosque.


Aurangzeb’s mosque dates back to the 17th century. It is believed to be built after demolishing a Hindu temple. There is a hill behind the mosque that features a tomb or mazhar.

During Aurangzeb’s rule from 1658 to 1707 CE, the Mughal Empire expanded tremendously. At the age of 88, in 1707, Aurangzeb was buried in a simple tomb in the town of Deccan of Khuldabad.


A mosque was constructed around Aurangzeb’s tomb. The mosque features one of the finest architecture of the ancient times. This is the place to be for tourists interested in architecture and history.

Tombs and mosque of the Emperor and Azamshah, his son, can be entered from the courtyard. People do abulations before prayer in the courtyard tank.

At the left is placed a close-up of the mehrab that indicates prayer direction. A clock is a feature of almost every mosque. Outside the mosque, tourists can find vendors selling perfumes, caps, and other items of Islamic culture, including books.

Aurangzeb’s mosque is known for its maze or Bhool Bhulaiyya.


Other tourist attractions near Aurangzeb’s mosque include St. Joseph's Cathedral, Rumi Darwaza, Begum Hazrat Mahal Park, Lucknow Residency and Museum, British Residency, Bara Imambara, Chhota Imambara, Sikandar Bagh, Shaheed Smarak, Crocodile Nursery, Shah Najaf Imambara, Gautam Buddha Park, Hazratganj, Chandrika Devi Temple, Aminabad, Dahas Ghat, Husainabad Clock Tower, Mankameshwar Mandir, , Dilkusha Kothi Palace, Lucknow Zoo, and State Museum.

Best Time to Visit

October to March is the best time to come to Lucknow, although the entire year is suitable for tourists.

How to Reach

Lucknow is well connected to major cities of Uttar Pradesh and the rest of India through rail, road, and air.

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