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St Johns Church Meerut

St. John’s Church located at Meerut is one of the historical structures, which are  witness to major upheavals in the history. This parish church is also known as Saint John, the Baptist church. This church is one of the oldest churches in northern India. Unity, Witness and Service is the motto of this parish. The motto can be seen right at the entrance.


The church was founded in 1819. The church was meant to serve the British military personnel stationed in the garrison. Reverend Henry Fischer, a clergy from the Church of England was the founder of this church. Fischer, a chaplain in the British army was posted at that time in Meerut. The church was consecrated in 1921. A historical old memorabilia, in the form of pipe organ is still present in the church. The pipe organ used manually operated bellows to supply air. Other historical entities in the church are wooden pews and kneelers. Eagle lectern made from brass is another attraction here. Lecterns are a common characteristic of many Christian churches and cathedrals. The Holy Bible rests on the outstretched wings of the eagle. A marble baptistery, used for bathing during baptism rituals are almost two centuries old.


The architectural style of St. John’s Church conforms to typical English parish church architectural attributes. These features were unique before the advent of Gothic style. The formal classical temple architecture of the ancient Greeks and Romans with emphasis on symmetry and perspective is the main binding feature, which was successfully employed during construction of St. John’s Church. This style perfectly suited to local conditions. A large open interior space for worship was particularly useful in making air circulation easy, which was so imperative in the tropical climate of northern India. The church has an upper seating area. This balcony like structure is no longer in use. Stained glass windows of the church give a touch of medieval architectural values to the serene edifice.


Visitors can visit the parish during daytime. Sunday services are at 8:30 a.m. during summer and 9:30 a.m. during the winter. Services for Christian Feast days of Easter and Christmas are at 10:00 a.m.

How to Reach

Visitors can make use of various road travel options within Meerut city. Taxis and buses are the most common modes of road travel in the city.

By Road

Meerut is about 72 kms away from New Delhi, the national capital of India. Road travel to Meerut is hassle free. Meerut is well connected to other major towns and cities of north India through a network of national highways and state highways.

By Airport

Nearest airport for Meerut is at New Delhi. Travel from airport to Meerut can be completed by road. Various bus services and taxis are available for the  benefit of tourists.

By Bus

Meerut is connected to all major towns in northern India. Luxury bus service is also available for comfortable travel experience.

By Train

Meerut has a railway station. Many cities in north India are connected to Meerut through railway network. Meerut Cantonment railway station with limited train frequency is nearer to St. John’s Church. Tourists can decide their preferences as per their requirement.

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