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Kanpur Memorial Church

The Kanpur Memorial Church is a church in the city of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. The church is also known as All Souls’ Cathedral. The church was built in memory of the British who lost their lives during the historical incident of ‘Siege of Cawnpore’ during the year of 1857. Kanpur was previously spelled as Cawnpore during British rule. The structure was designed by Walter Granville, who is also credited for the architecture of the then East Bengal Railway. This historical church is located at Albert Lane in the heart of Kanpur Cantonment area.


The church was built in the year 1875. Few changes were made in the adjacent garden in 1948. Influence of medieval ideas of fine arts, including structures and paintings is clearly seen in the ambience of the church. Since the church is a memorial, it depicts many sad stories of the armed struggle and resultant unfortunate killings of several people during the year of 1857. There are conflicting versions of the real cause of the killings of the British in that period at Kanpur. British rulers decided to put a memorial in the form of a church and executed the plan.


The church edifice is built in Lombardic Gothic style. The structure provides a magnificent view. The use of red bricks with multi colored hues, has added magic to the perspective. Presence of polychromatic dressings has given a touch of grandeur to the imposing structure. The interiors of the church contain monuments of contemporary memorabilia.  Memorial tables, epitaphs and monuments have collectively created a somber ambience in the church complex. Since the church was designed as a memorial, some artifacts, relating to the past events, were placed inside the building.

Memorial Gardens have occupied eastern side of the church. The garden has two gateways. A marble gothic screen separates the main church building from memorial garden. Henry Yule is the creator of the beautifully carved marble screen. Another carved creation is the figure of an angel, located at the center of the garden. Carlo Marochetti has the credit of carving the angelic figure.  According to Christian belief, the angelic entity is associated with light, ardor and purity. The angel has crossed arms. The figure symbolically represents peace. The screen and the statue were originally located in another garden. They were relocated to present place in the year of 1948.

How to Reach

By Road

Kanpur Memorial Church lies within heart of Kanpur city, which is the biggest city of Uttar Pradesh. It is well connected to all cities in Uttar Pradesh and all metro cities of India, through network of national highways and state highways. Kanpur is about 80 kms away from state capital city of Lucknow.

By Airport

Kanpur has an airport and has regular daily flights to and from all major cities in India.

By Bus

Kanpur has advantage of very good connectivity with all nearby major cities reachable by bus travel. Luxury buses ply regularly to all cities.

By Train

Kanpur is a major junction point for railways. Everyday scores of trains carry passengers and tourists to all major cities in India. Faster rail travel is also available on premium routes.

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