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Christ Church Noida

Out of the five mainline churches in Noida, the Christ Church is one such church that is of the Diocese of Delhi an under the umbrella body of Church of North India. 25 years ago from now, it was constructed to spread spiritualism among the people and presently, it has over 225 families as its members.  It is strategically situated in the heart of Noida, shading the Botanical Garden Metro Station, with the Steeple of the church in the sight to all travelers alighting at this Metro Station.


On 13th November 1988, the first service took place in the house of Rev. Col. L. Massey, and from there the handful believers presided over by Bishop Maqbul Caleb initiated this place. On the 7th of December 1997, the Church was dedicated for the service of Lord Jesus Christ. The CNI Church was re-christened as the Christ Church in Noida on 13th November 1994. The foundation stone of the current day edifice was laid by Bishop Pritam Santram followed by its consecration by Bishop Karam Masih on 7th Dec 1997. In order to get this far, it took the support and blessings of three.  The founder presbyter of Christ Church was Rev.  Col.  Lawrence Massey who had the responsibility of ensuring all the hard work done goes into the initiation and establishing of the religious edifice. He also anticipated the construction of the first chapel and erection of the existing sanctum.


An array of several Christian monuments depict flawless piece of architecture in India. Built in the Indo-Christian style, this church has tall domes and massive windows.

How to Reach

By Air

Noida being one of the most famous places in India, commute to this place is quite flexible from almost all the parts of the country. Christ Church is at a distance of 32kms from the airport and both domestic and international flights land and fly here within convenient timing. Visitors can hire local taxis or rickshaws to reach to this place from the airport.

By Rail

Delhi is the capital of the country and hence most of the trains like Duronto Express and Rajdhani Express (from different cities) and many others run to and fro continuously. New Delhi Railway Station is just 7kms away from the place and local auto rickshaws or cycle rickshaws could be an easy option for the reach.

By Road

Christ Church is at a distance of 49kms from Noida Bus Stand and visitors can reach their destination in an hour’s time approximately. Along with local buses reaching to different parts of Noida, even the UPSRTC, HRTC and Himachal Volvo Tour buses could be easily spotted here.

By Self Transport

Apart from public transport, there are several self-transport options available too. Both the prepaid and postpaid taxis could be hired to reach Christ Church. Personal vehicles could also be an option for the road trip public with an exact navigation map guide across the city.


The church membership includes a combination of the corporate executives, the personals from the armed forces, both retired and serving, medical staff and doctors, business men and women and teachers.  Most of the transient professionals in the transferable jobs prefer to worship here. They come from all parts of the country to station in and around Noida. The extension of the church in the Greater Noida is developing at a faster pace. Out of many other things, Christ Church is the first thing people have in their minds when they talk about Noida. The church owns a brand of unique charm and thus, countless visitors just cannot stop gushing about the place.

Visitor Information

Opening Hours

  • Monday – Saturday and Public Holidays: 9.00 AM - 7.00 PM
  • Sunday: 9.00 AM - 12.00 PM

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