The desert like state of Rajasthan remains to be the most vivacious and colored state of India apart from being the state boasting of the largest landmass in the entire country. Its tribal culture and several customs across the length and breadth of the state renders the state a hospitable and cultural high.This is precisely the reason for the bubbling cultural, musical and folk culture of the royal state. Ever since the erstwhile nomadic days, Music has been an inseparable part of the culture in Rajasthan. Till today, People in the villages of Rajasthan never fail to dance and sing in their gatherings. The life in the desert is never easy and the natives and local face several hardships in their life. It is this troublesome life that makes the Rajasthanis further enjoy their amusement. Therefore, each day of the week is a adoration of the life they lead. The songs of the folklore too sing and praise the harsh life that the villagers in Rajasthan live with.

Rajasthan is a land bubbling with people who have admired and perfected the art of music. These communities include Sapera, Langas ,Bhopa,  Manganiar, Jogi Qawwals , Patars, Tangas, Kanchari, Nats and many more. In these communities, The muslim audiences usually treat themselves to the music of Langas while a greater and wider audience is acquired by the Manganairs.

The articulacy of life monotony, the tradition and the romantics of the state are also represented in the rich and elaborate musical culture of the state of Rajasthan. The Music of Rajasthan holds a sheen and assortment of musical notes that is largely due to the tranquility and the immense depth in the culture which has been hugely influenced by the similar cultures of states like Sindh, Punjab and even Gujarat. Apart from giving a much needed break from the mundane lifestyle of the desert, The Music  also plays a huge role in the cultural formation and entertainment of the people in Rajasthan.  Women too are an active participant in this folklore as they too contribute with their songs of feminism and household lifes. They too contribute hugely to the life of Rajasthan as they render a humorous touch to the lives of Rajasthanis.

One of the defining factors of the greatness of Rajasthani music lies in its huge vivacity.Every region of the state boasts of its own distinct style of folk music. The Songs of Panihari is one form of this vividness.  In this variety, Women usually take the front seat of singing. The story of these songs are usually about the harshness of life and particularly about gruesome act of fetching water in the desert which indeed remains to be a hard task. Another huge component of the Rajasthani music is the songs of devotion. The communities in the village usually grace their musical cords with the devotional songs which are attributed to Meera Bai. The musicians usually travel from one region to another where their patronization is done by the local villagers. Rajasthan has always been a blessed and royal state. The royalty has been rendered by the Rajputs whose valor has also had a deep influence on the folklore.

In Rajasthan, The glory of the Rajputs has been preserved in the tales of folk and music that has managed to stitch the glory of the past together.

The Euphony of Rajasthani Music

The Rajasthani music has managed to perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the life that the villagers have in the desert. To break away from the harshness, the villagers have resorted to music that helps people heal their otherwise dull and mundane life. Rajasthan has always been filled with people and communities that have perfected the age of art of their traditional music from one generation to other and so on.  The musical and colorful extravaganza reaches its zenith during the festive season in Rajasthan. With their elaborate dresses, vivid ornaments and swirling dance moves complementing the soulful melody; with a graceful turban on their heads, Glimmer in their eyes are men who take the folklore to another level. The songs also narrate the brave wars fought by the Rajputs and also the travails of a daily life of nomads in the desert, These folk songs are accompanies with Manjeeras and Dholaks. At the same time as one is drifting through the colorful Rajasthani alleys, you may encounter several vivid turbaned faces wearing the traditional attire of Rajasthan and having a bows that slowly and gracefully move over the classical Sarangi; The Rajasthani music and its vivid experiments with music has managed to render a graceful touch to the culture of Rajasthan.

A major number of the communities of musicians boast of a bucolic foundation and actually work like nomads when they carry their traditional art from a particular village to another.The Kalawants are some of the musicians that were spotted and appreciated by the royals of the state and hence continue their royal legacy.The music they represent has been tuned into the sphere of sophistication which makes. Another popular form worth noticing is the Rajasthani Maand which thrives on melody and its soulful singing. Going by the usual themes of love, the Maand stalk about the bliss of love and the agony of separation.

Famous Rajasthani Music

Ghoomar Dance

The Ghoomar is a community dance mostly performed by women during festivals and auspicious moments. The name of the dance is derived from ghoomna or pirouette in which women move gracefully in circles with the rhythm.


One of the most popular formats of music in the state, these songs are associated with the feelibg attached to the anointment of the saddle on the camel. These songs are usually set up on the tunes of the Kaharwa rhythm that temper the otherwise simple and basic lyrics.


This undoubtedly remains as the most sedate and sophisticated form of musical notes in Rajasthan. Patronized by the royals, Maads usually celebrate the valor of the Rajputs. They are still used by people to relive the glorious past of The Rajputs in Rajasthan.

Pabuji Ki Phach

Pabuji Ki Phach celebrates the glory and achievements of the 14th century hero. The community of Bhopas hold the reverent in high regard.

Rajasthan has managed to encapsulate the very essence of its culture in its music. The age old tradtion has been passed from one generation to another which ensure its authenticity. This age of globalization is still seeping in with the communities of nomadic musicians still holding fast to their art.

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