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Malwai Giddha

Malwai Giddha is a different dance form which is performed by the males who reside in the Malwa region. This dance is basically performed by old men also known as Babey. Through this dance, the males tease other people and enjoy a lot. The roots of Malwai Giddha belong to Village Chatha which forms a part of the Malwa region. Initially, it was called as "Chathian Waley Baabeyan Da Giddha" or "Baabeyan Da Giddha" but now it is known as Malwai Giddha.

Instruments Used in Malwai Giddha Dance

There are a number of instruments used in this dance with the males using them according to the tunes of the song. The dancers are familiar with the instruments and know how to use it in the dance as well.


Tumbi also known as Toombi is an instrument that has a high pitch and is used while performing the Malwai Giddha. Though the instrument is synonymous with Punjab folk music but it is also famous with Western Bhangra too.


Chimta, also known as tongs, are very popular with Punjabi folk dances. In the recent times, it has evolved as one of the traditional South Asian instruments with brass jingles being an important addition. It is used in various dance forms as well as in Gurbani Kirtan.


Kato is a very popular instrument which is used in all kinds of dance forms like Malwai Giddha, Bhangra and many more. This instrument has been named as Kato for the simple reason as it has a similar design to that of the squirrel and the literal meaning ok Kato is also “squirrel”. The instrument signifies the happiness of the people and that is why it is used in many dances.


Sapp is another musical instrument that originated from Punjab and is used in various dance forms like Malwai Giddha and Bhangra.

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