Punjabi Folk Dances for "Males"

The enthusiasm and excitement of the people from Punjab can easily be displayed when one sees their folk dances. Whether it is the drum beat, or maybe some other instrument for that matter, the folk music makes the people become excited and they dance with all their heart. Punjab has been displaying their folk dance with great enthusiasm and spontaneity. The folk dance of Punjab is divided between male folk dance and female folk dance.

Some male folk dances of Punjab are

  • Bhangra
  • Jhummer
  • Luddi
  • Julli
  • Dankara
  • Dhumal


During the festival of Baisakhi, the men of Punjab perform Bhangra which is also a very popular folk dance. There are several tricks as well as acrobatic feats in the dance and is said to be one of the most captivating dances of India. There are several meaningless bolis or words which are used while dancing like Hoye Hoye and even Balle Balle.

Bhangra is indeed the most virile folk dances of India and reflects vitality, vigor and is performed in order to promise for the upcoming good crop. In this dance, there is a drummer who plays the drums and the people dance around him.


Jhummer is said to be the dance of the ecstasy and is like a living testimony of men’s happiness. This dance is performed only by men and is performed in melas, functions like weddings and other important occasions. The father, son and grandson perform together in this dance and is also called generation dance by some. There are three types of Jhummer dance which are shown in three moods and so is suited based on the different occasions.


Luddi is also one of the most famous folk dances of Punjab and is performed to celebrate the victory. The costumes of this dance are very simple and the men wear a loose kurta along with the loincloth. Some of the men also tie a turban while they perform this dance and on the other hand, some are bare headed.

Luddi is a very interesting dance to watch where the men place their one hand before the face and their other had is at their back. They act as a movement of the snake’s head and there are times drummer is also there while the dance is performed. The people also move forward with every beat towards the audience. Luddi is performed mainly near the areas around Sutlej and even in Pakistan. This dance is as popular as Bhangra and a lot of people like it. Luddi also has a historical background where the Sardars of Punjab used to rescue the women who were unwillingly taken to the Middle East. After that, whenever there was some victory equivalent to this, the dance was performed. The movements of this dance are slow and have some resemblance to Bhangra.


Julli is one of the religious dances of Punjab which is associated with the Pirs and the recluse. It is performed while sitting by the males who are the folk artists.
There are times this dance is performed around the preceptor’s grave. Everyone can perform this dance but one must know that the toes get tensed when this dance is performed. A thick staff is held in the hand of the dancer and is revolved while dancing. The dancers generally wear clothes which are black in color and the head is also covered with a black scarf. In some situations, the followers tie ghungroos around their waist just like it is done in Bhangra. The beats of this dance is fast but the movements are slow.


In Dankara, the minimum requirement of dancers is two and there is no limit to the number of people who can perform. It is performed in circles and the dancers wear turban of different colors on their heads. The move in rhythm around making sure that their staffs are in rhythm. The dance is generally performed in weddings or in the common yards. This dance is also called Gatka at some places. Women also participate in this dance but they do not do so in the company of men rather do it separately. The dancers are not required to wear any special costume for this dance. There are times they tie a band across their waist, but that is not a compulsion. There are just a few movements in this dance but whichever movements are there, are impressive. This dance is performed by people of all age groups together.


Though this dance is not as popular as Bhangra, but it is a mail dance and is danced in circle. There is a drummer who plays the drums along with the other instruments. The costumes worn in this dance are similar to Bhangra and Jhummer.


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