The Punjabi culture is very colorful as well as unique. This is the reason that they are highly energetic and love to enjoy their lives. After a hectic day, they spend a lot of time in enjoying the evenings and involving in various types of traditional dance forms. Jaago is one of the best dance forms performed during the weddings and other special occasions.

Jaago is a Hindi word which means “wake up”. Just like its name, the dance form too attracts the people when the wedding celebrations are going on. Just one night before the main wedding, the young girls of the family dance away with lots fun and frolic. The girls also carry a pot with lighted diyas or candles thus chanting the songs in groups.

The songs which are chanted during the dance have a slight witty tone which makes the atmosphere more fun filled. Just the night before the wedding day, the females as well as their friends collect together and perform this dance during the night. Lamps are prepared from wheat flour in the shape of stars and then lighted to create a vibrant atmosphere. The pots carrying the lamps are carried on the head and move around the village dancing to the tunes of the folk songs. The neighbors also give small gifts like ghee, food, grains etc. The entire night is spent dancing and making fun.

Jaago is a traditional dance form that is ideal for weddings and performed by the females of the family.

Process Done For Jaago

  • The Nankai family begins the dance by singing the folk songs and dancing to its tune.
  • Females of the family will carry the pots with lighted diyas while the others carry decorative sticks.
  • The pots as well as decorative sticks are passed from one person to another along with the dance moves.
  • Boliyan are chanted by the females and the dance is performed. Sometimes, a competition is also held between the daadkai and nankai with each side trying its best to win the competition. Witty tone is used in the Boliyan to tease one another.

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