Punjabi Folk Dances for "Females"

The Indian folk dances not only give a glimpse of the true culture and traditions but have gained a lot of popularity worldwide. All the Indian states are known for its specific folk dances that represent their rich culture as well as the rituals which they follow. Just like any other state, Punjab too has its own folk dance which is Giddha. This unique dance form is done by the females with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal. Giddha for years has been the folk dance of the state with its root being very deep.

Common Punjabi Folk Dances for "Females"


Sammi is a unique kind of dance form that belongs to the tribal communities of this state and performed only by the women. Sandalbar area is highly popular for Sammi and the women of different tribes like Sansi, Baazigar, Lobana and Rai perform it with lots of fun and energy.

According to the legends, the trend of this dance form was initiated by Princess Sammi. She belonged to Marwad and used this dance form to bring out her deep emotions after being separated from Suchkumar who was then the price of Rajasthan.


Giddha is the folk dance of Punjab with women performing the dance with lots of energy. Just like Bhangra, Giddha is also an energetic dance and find its root from the ring dance. Though the dance is full of energy but yet it brings out the femininity as well as the elegance of the women. Its popularity is increasing day by day with other states also copying this dance form and making it a part of the festive occasions and parties. Most of the time, this dance form is performed during the festivities.


Jaago is a popular dance form which is usually performed by the females of the bridegroom one day before the wedding. The female dancers begin this dance carrying the lighted diyas which look very beautiful. When the dance begins, the females move in circles and perform unique steps one after the other. They also engage the attention of the other people who are the part of the village. They knock the doors and accept a variety of presents from the villagers like oil, food, grains and lots more. The entire night is spent making merry, laughing and enjoying a lot.


This dance form if performed by young girls and that too in pairs. The girls wear `orhnis` and perform this dance with vigorous movements one after the other. Kikli is done on the traditional tunes which are highly appreciated by the people. This is also a traditional dance form especially meant for the girls.


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