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Panch Mandir

Panch Mandir is located in Kapurthala, Punjab, India and the administrative headquarters of Kapurthala district. The city has a princely past which is clearly visible in its French and Indo-Saracenic architecture. Kapurthala is also known as the city of palaces and gardens. It is famous for various historic monuments and buildings and Panch Mandir is one of them.

The Panch Mandir temple was built during the reign of Sardar Fateh Singh. As the name says, Panch Mandir is a home to five small temples. The temple has a spectacular architecture and it is built with such intelligence that from the entry door all the 5 idols are visible. These five temples are dedicated to different Gods and Goddesses, people of all faiths pay their respect in this temple. The giant structure in the middle of the holy place is encircled by many small temples. The creative architectural work of the temple displays the engineering skills of the people in ancient times. The temple is not just a visual treat for locals or travelers, but also for archeologist to study the architecture and traditions of the ancient times.

The temple offers accommodation and food facilities to the visitors. The area where the deities reside in the temple is referred as a shrine and the lower area is the assembly hall. The shrine along with the assembly hall functions as the prayer hall of the temple. The visitor’s area and the office area are located in a two storey building that is on the north side of the temple. Adjacent to the office building of the temple, kitchen facilities are available.

Pandit Ram Gopal Dixit is serving as the senior priest of Panch Mandir since 2008. Prayers are performed every day in morning and evening and pull a huge number of devotees from all across the country. The clean and well maintained surroundings of the temple are an epitome of purity and happiness. The devotees are sure to leave the temple with peace of mind and soul.

The beautiful white structure of Panch Mandir looks amazing during the full moon nights and attracts a great number of devotees from all around the world. The serene beauty of the temple gives devotees a spiritual connect and leaves them with intense pleasure and satisfaction. The Panch Mandir is known as the architectural marvel of the golden past and attracts a lot of archeologists for their study on ancient architecture. The model of the Panch Mandir is placed in the Lahore Museum which is now located in Pakistan.

The temple is a must visit place not just for devotees of different faith but also for archeologists all around the world. It is a great ancient monument for the study of archeology and ancient architecture.

Places to Visit Around The Panch Mandir

Kanjee Wetlands

Kanjee wetlands are on the outskirts of the city and a popular sight for bird watching. Boating facilities are also available for tourist entertainment.

Moorish Mosque

Moorish Mosque is a replica of Marakesh Morocco and was built by a French architect. It took 13 years to construct this mosque. The Mosque is the National Monument under the Archeological Survey of India. Its wooden model is kept in the Lahore Museum.

Shalimar Garden

Shalimar garden is situated in the center of the city. The Shahi Samadhis placed in the garden emphasizes the tradition of its ruling dynasty. The grand structure built in 1880 houses the Samadhis of Maharaja Kharak Singh, Paramjit Singh and Jagit Singh.

Jagatjit Club

This elegant building is situated in the heart of the city and resembles the Acropolis of Anthem. It was used as a church in the early 19th century later turned into a cinema hall in 1940's and now serves as a local club.

How to Reach The Temple

By Air

Nearest airport to Kapurthala is 66 km away in Amritsar, which is well connected with rest of the country. Taxis are available from the air-port to reach Kapurthala. It is advisable to book taxis in advance for a comfortable journey.

By Train

Kapurthala is 21 km from Jalandhar. The Jalandhar City railway station is one of the major stations on Delhi-Amritsar rail line. There are many trains that halt on this station, so traveling by train is a convenient option.

By Road

The city is well connected with the main transport routes of Punjab. Buses and taxis are available to travel around the city. Bus services are available to connect to the rest of the major cities around Punjab.

Hotels in Kapurthala

Hotel Ramneek

The hotel is located on the by pass chowk, Sultanpur Kapurthala. A budgeted hotel with 11 rooms and 1 suite for honeymoon couple and provides with all the basic facilities.

London Hotel

The hotel is placed near civil hospital, Sultanpur road Kapurthala. A cost effective hotel that provides with all the facilities that tourist needs.

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