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Shrirama Rathotsava Fair

The Shri Rama Rathotsava Fair is a festival that’s celebrated with high energy and gusto by the villagers of Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. The festival is held in honor of Lord Rama, the great king of Ayodhya. In Hindu culture and religion, Lord Rama is considered the Maryada Purush or the ideal man that every male person must try to emulate. He is the idol of millions of devotees who believe that Lord Rama was perfect in every role as a son, brother and a husband.

History of Shri Rama Rathotsava

Shri Rama Rathotsava Mandir is one of the oldest temples of the region and belongs to the Peshwa era. The much-revered temple is situated near Jalgaon. The Shri Rama Rathotsava Fair is celebrated annually during the months of October or November. The purpose of the fair is to reiterate the veneration and respect people have for this great Maryada Purush. The idol of Lord Rama is carried in a specially designed and decorated palanquin. The idols of Laxman, the brother of Lord Rama and his wife Sita also find pride of place in the palanquin. The idols are carried in a procession with much fanfare and to the beatings of traditional dhol and music to the banks of the Girna River on the morning of the day of the fair to bathe and cleanse them.

The Day of the Shri Rama Rathotsava Fair

After the holy bath, the idols are decorated with garlands and ornaments and kept in the temple for darshan for the benefit of thousands of devotees who visit the temple on the day of the fair. They come not only from Jalgaon and nearby places but also from other parts of Maharashtra. The temple’s auditorium was built by a devout follower of the Lord, Appa Maharaj in the 1930s. He financed the construction with donation from disciples and also developed the structure as an important shrine.

About Lord Rama, the Most Important Avatar of Vishnu

Lord Rama is the ideal representation of how to live one’s life in accordance to the Hindu dharma despite the many tough challenges that life keeps throwing at you. His image is that of the ideal human. Lord Rama is believed to be the seventh and most important avatar of God Vishnu. Rama is considered the absolute Supreme Being, rather than an avatar by many Hindu sects. The Lord is most revered as one who stays true to his words. There are many such instances of Lord Rama sacrificing everything to keep his promise: His acceptance of exile to keep the word given to his father, King Dasaratha, his promise of saving sages from the demons and making Vibhishana the ruler of Lanka.

How to Reach

Jalgaon is well connected by both road and rail. Jalgaon Railway station is on the broad gauge route and connected to Mumbai, Pune and other important cities of Maharashtra by express trains. Jalgaon is on the national highway NH 6. There are many state transport buses as well as private buses plying on the route from Mumbai, Pune and other major cities. Mumbai is approximately 425 km and Pune about 377 km from Jalgaon.

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