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Navaratra Mahalaxmi Fair

The Navratra Mahalaxmi fair is an annual affair that’s awaited with much enthusiasm by the people of Jalgaon and surrounding places. It is one of the most popular fairs and is celebrated in honor of the much-revered Hindu Goddess Mahalaxmi. Lasting for ten long days, this religious fair is held at the famous Navratra Temple in Jalgaon.

History of the Navratra Mahalaxmi Temple

The Navratra Mahalaxmi Temple is dedicated to the memory of Goddess Mahalaxmi and begins on the first day of the Ashvina Sud and ends on the 10th day of the month. The temple in which the festivities are held is an iconic religious center of Jalgaon. It is a stone structure with a Kalash at the top. The temple is unique in its construction because brass bars are used in place of the usual walls. This ensures that the temple precinct is always blessed by natural light of the sun. Visitors to the Navratra Mahalaxmi Temple can immediately notice the innovative architecture of the temple. The beautifully designed brass pillars add to the serene look of the temple and can be truly a great sight to behold.

The Idols in the Temple

The Temple houses the brilliant looking and vibrant idol of Goddess Mahalaxmi supported at the back with large sheets made of silver. At the back of this idol, one can see a small idol of Lord Ganesh and a Pindi of Lord Shiva. This is in line with the customs followed the Hindu religion. At the rear end of the temple is an idol of Lord Hanuman. This idol is small at three and a half inches but grabs your attention with its powerful looks. The Navratra Mahalaxmi Temple attracts large crowds not only from Jalgaon but also from nearby villages and districts during the ten-day Navratra Mahalaxmi Fair.

Jalgaon has a rich history of organizing fairs and religious festivities. The district is popular for four main fairs. Apart from the Navratra Mahalaxmi Fair, the other three popular fairs associated with Jalgaon are:

  • Shri Rama Rathotsava held during the month of Kartik
  • The Changdeo Fair held at the famous Changdeo Temple
  • The Muktabai Fair celebrated at Magha, Kothali

Other Places to Visit While in Jalgaon

The globally famous Ajanta Caves is very near (about 50 km) from Jalgaon. Tourist visiting the Navratra Mahalaxmi Fair can take time out to visit the hugely popular heritage site.

Shri Padmalaya Peeth

This is one of the two and a half peeths of Lord Shree Ganesh in the country. The Padmalaya Peeth is situated on a hill top with smaller temples adorning its sides. The front side of the temple has padukas of Govind Maharaj with a huge bell placed next to it. The place is a major tourist destination and visited by devotees of Lord Ganesh.

Sant Muktabai Temple

This is a very old temple built in honor of Hindu Goddess Muktabai. There are two other temples of the same deity built in the Muktai Nagar area.

How to Reach

Jalgaon is connected by National Highway No. 6 to all major cities and towns of Maharashtra. Private, luxury and state transport buses are available for visitors. Jalgaon Railway station has a broad gauge as well as narrow gauge route. The nearest airport is Aurangabad situated 151 km from here.

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