The cuisine of Maharashtra is filled with dishes that serve as snacks or as accompaniments for the main dish. The following are some of the very best of such delicacies of Maharashtra:

  • Chivda: Rice is flattened and later spiced. This dish is so popular that England calls it as Bombay Mixture.
  • Poha: Flattened rice again serves as the basis for this dish. This is one of the most famous dishes in a Marathi household and is often accompanied by a warm cup of tea. The traditional Marathi weddings also serve these prepared with load of onion called Kanda Poha. As the two families get together to arrange a marriage, this is the dish that is traditionally served to them.  Batata Poha is another offshoot of this traditional poha where a handsome amount of Potatoes are used with these Pohas. Dadpe pohe is yet another noteworthy dish in this section. It is basically a combination which combines green chillies, fresh coconut ginger and Poha. Other embellishments such as spices and lemon juice are further added to enhance its tangy taste.
  • Upma or sanja or upeeth:  The snack mentioned here is the distant cousin of the South Indian Upma. Basically, this involves a thick traditional porridge. The basic ingredients of this are semolina which is tempered with Onions, Spices and Green Chillies.
  • Surali Wadi: Basically this dish involves thick rolls made out of Chick Pea Flour that are embellished and garnished with leaves of coriander, mustard and coconut.
  • Vada pav: One of the standout dishes in Maharashtra, the Vada Pav is simple a dumpling of smashed potato that is fried and then served as a sandwich in a Pav. Many people refer to this dish as the Marathi substitute of a Burger. This dish is served with spices and chutneys that have Gralic and Chilli as their key ingredients. As a matter of fact, Vada Pav is rarely made in home.
  • Matar-usal- pav : One of the famous dishes of Maharashtra, This is basically a gravy that uses peas, green chillies, Garlic and onions. These too are eaten with the classical Pav. Its offshoot is the dish made by the Konkani Brahmins that cook this with a load of Coconut and transform it into a Phodni.
  •  Misal Pav: Hailing from the historical city of Kolhapur, The Misal Pav is a delicious amalgamation of sprouted curried lentils, which are further tempered with Pohay, batata-bhaji, Chivda, tomatoes and onions and farsaan. Many people love to savor it with yoghurt. Having said that the absolute must serving with this is the bread.
  • Pav bhaji: This is one of the flashiest dishes of Mumbai. This dish is basically a mashed mixture of several vegetables that are boiled and then cooked into a thick gravy and is served with loads of table butter.  These are eaten with Pav that are also soft and tender that further enhances the taste.
  • Thalipeeth:  Mostly served with curd, This Spicy dish is a Marathi version of the Pan Cake.
  • Zunka-Bhakar: Served with the Bhakri, This traditional dish of Maharashtra is served with flour of Chick Pea
  • Sabudana Khichdi: Sautéed Sago Palm Perals (Sabudana) is cooked into a delicious porridge and usually eaten during the days of Navratras.
  • Khichdi: A Hotchpotch that has rice, seeds of Mustard, spices and pulses as the key ingredients.
  • Bhadang: Spiced puffed rice.
  • Shira Semolina pudding
  • Chana daliche dheerde
  • Ghavan
  • Ukad


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