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Vijayadurg Fort

Vijayadurg Fort is one of the most glorious and remarkably built forts located in Maharashtra, India. This fort is the oldest one present on the Sindhudurg coast and was built by Raja Bhoja II from the infamous Shilahar dynasty. It is said that the fort was built during 1193 to 1205. This fort is also known as the Gheria Fort. This fort is located near to ‘Girye’ village and is famous because it is stated, as per legends, that this fort was captured by Shivaji, the great Maratha warrior, from Adil Shah in 1653. At that time of victory, this fort was renamed as Vijay Durg for two reasons, first because at that time, the solar year’s name according to Hindu calendar was ‘Vijay’ and secondly ‘Vijay’ in Hindi means Victory and this fort symbolizes Victory of Shivaji.

Vijayadurg Fort was practically unassailable for attackers since the 40 km long shallow creek worked as a natural shield around fort area. This long shallow creek almost made it impossible for gigantic enemy ships to enter the fort but the marks of several cannon balls can be seen on the walls of the fort.


The Vijayadurg Fort is a superb site of colossal architectural built. The fort is supposed to be constructed by the Raja Bhoja II from the well-known Shilahar dynasty. It is said that the fort was constructed in between 1193 to 1205. Another historic epic which has been associated with the fort is related to the Maratha warrior, Shivaji. It is said that Shivaji increased the area of this remarkable fort up to 17 acres with a purpose to make it as a significant base that was then used to harbor as well as repair warships of the Maratha tribe. The fort also has got historic importance due to the fact that this fort is one of the only 2 Maratha forts (2nd one being Torana) where great Shivaji raised a saffron flag.

Architecture of Fort

The Vijayadurg Fort is completely built using laterite stones. The fort is famous for its 10 m high wall (compounded) which is almost 300 ft away from the fort. It is said that this wall used to serve as a defense for the fort against the attacking enemy ships. The enemy ships used to collide with the fort and sunk away. The fort also possesses a tunnel which is 200 m long and is situated under the fort. This tunnel was used on urgent basis for an emergency evacuation.

Presently, the fort is spread over an area of 17 acre but it is said that when it was constructed it covered an area of 5 acres and over the time some construction took place under the supervision of Shivaji which included construction of a road, tunnel, and three 36 m high walls along with 20 bastions. Till date, tunnel is present and can be seen but this has been partially blocked.

Attractions within the Fort

Vijayadurg Fort itself is extended in an area of 17 acres and is the main tourist attraction in Vijayadurg. The artistic view of the fort leaves it highly admirable from artistic point of view. This fort was also greatly known as the ‘Eastern Gibraltar’ due to the imposing presence it provides. Vijayadurg Fort along with its surroundings is also famous worldwide for the luscious Alphonso mangoes. The smell of delicious mangoes can be enjoyed in the air.

How to Reach

By Road

Vijayadurg Fort is at a distance of 180 km from the city of Goa and at a distance of 500 km from the main city Mumbai. Government authorized as well as private buses are easily available for major cities like Pune, Mumbai, and Rajapur etc.

By Rail

The closest railway station to Vijayadurg Fort is Rajapur Road Railway Station which is at a distance of 75 km from the Fort city.

By Air

The nearest airport from Vijayadurg Fort is the Dabolim airport in Goa which is situated at a distance of 180 km from the main city. The Dabolim airport is directly linked to Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur as well as Udaipur. From here, buses and taxis are easily available.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Vijayadurg Fort is from November to March. But if you love rains then do visit this place in rainy season since at that time the scene is pictorial. But however the visit should be avoided during summer since extreme heat can lessen the fun. Otherwise, the fort offers a clear sky picturesque view all year round.

Visitor Information

Visiting Hours

You can visit the fort everyday during day time.

Entry Charges

There are no entry charges at Vijayadurg Fort. It is free of cost to visit for tourists.

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