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Maharashtra is one of the geographically largest states in India. The state is vibrant and diverse in its culture and tradition. Kolhapur is popular for the Sri Mahalaxmi temple and hence it is locally known as the Dakshin Kasi, is situated to the south of Mumbai. Kolhapur is renowned for its foot wears as well as the jewellery.

The jewellery designs in Kolhapur are mainly influenced by the Marathas and Peshwaas who ruled Maharashtra. Kolhapur is famous for its jewellery which is known as Saaj. The Saaj jewellery is the favourite jewellery of the women in Maharashtra. It is popular due to the uniqueness in design and pattern. The different types of jewelleries that are made in Kolhapur include mohanmal, putlihar, chaplahar,bormmal, har and malas are to name a few. The names come from the shapes of the jewelleries.  One of the popular jewelleries is Thushi which is made with closely bound golden beads.

Other popular pattern of jewellery  that are the preferred in hand wears by the women in Maharashtra are Patlya which is a kind of broad bangles, Bangdya which is four simple bangles and tode is the finely chiseled thick bangles. The popular necklaces are Chinchpeti or choker, Tanmani which is a short necklace and Nath is a nose ring. These ornaments are made with a combination of stones mainly red and white and pearls. Also, flower shaped earrings are also very much liked by the women of Maharashtra.

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