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Maharashtra is considered to be one of the most beautiful coastal cities of India with the natural beauty adding to its vibrant atmosphere. The architectural monuments also add to its beauty and splendor thus making it a popular destination for the Indian tourists as well as the foreign visitors. If you are travelling to a new destination, it is always better to gather some information about the place like its top attractions, mode of transport, cuisines and most importantly languages spoken.

This will reduce your problems and you will be able to enjoy a wonderful experience. The local language of Maharashtra is Marathi with the major population speaking this language. Cities like Mumbai and Pune have now adopted the cosmopolitan culture, therefore, other languages like English and Hindi are also spoken here along with Marathi. There are few people who speak Gujarati and Urdu as well. Also different regions of Maharashtra have their own local dialects which are followed by the people.

In the urban areas, you will find that English is the most common language. The tone of Marathi language in Maharashtra will change as you cross different regions. The language is very phonetic as there is no silent pronunciation in the language.

In the northwestern region of Maharashtra, you will find that people speak Ahirani dialect. Similarly when you head towards the Konkan region, you will find people speaking Malvani which is their local language. The people of the Deccan region usually speak Desh while the people of Vidarbha area speak Varhadi dialect. No matter which regions you cross during the travel, the languages will be different but the hospitality will be just the same. You will be pleased with the kind of gestures of the people and the way they greet you.

Most of the Marathi nouns and verbs used the alphabet L. The use of L is quite common while the same letter is replaced by alphabet Y in case of the Varhadi language of Vidarbha region. Thus both the languages are quite different and distinct.

Marathi Language

Marathi is considered to be the Indo-Aryan language which has been adopted as the native or official language of the Maharashtra state. India has 23 official languages and Marathi is one of them. As per 2001 survey, there are 73 million people who speak Marathi language thus making it the fourth popular languages being spoken by the people of India. The two very popular dialects of Marathi are Varhadi Marathi and Standard Marathi while others sub dialects include Malwani, Ahirani, Khandeshi, Vadvali, Dangi and Samavedi. Standard Marathi is the native language of this state.

Language Percentage in State
Marathi 68.89
Hindi 11.5
Urdu 7.13
Kannada 2.39
Gujarati 1.45
Telugu 1.3
Other Languages 4.6


The Marathi language has been derived from the Maharashtri Prakrit. Several changes have led to apabhrasa language called Marathi which similar to the re-Sanskritized version of Maharashtri Apabhrasa. The influence of Urdu and Persian has changed the Marathi language thus making it similar to the Hindi language.


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