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According to the census of 2001, the population of Maharashtra is around 96,752,247 which makes it the second largest populated state as well as subdivision of India. It also ranks third following Russian SFSR which is a former Soviet Union. Marathi is the native language of this state with 72,481,681 people using it as their communication medium as per the 2011 census. In comparison to other countries, Maharashtra is just 11 countries behind in terms of population. With its total density of 322.5, the state has 50.3 million males and 46.4 million females. The urban population of the state is only 42.4% with the sex ratio being 922 females for 1000 males. 77.27% of the total population is literate with 67.5% being females and 86.2% being males. During 1991-2001 the growth rate of Maharashtra was recorded 22.57%.

Marathi is the mother tongue of this state with Mumbai and suburban regions following the same trend. Apart from Marathi, English and Gujarati is also the native languages of many people. The northwest Maharashtra mostly speaks Ahirani which constitutes around 2.5 million inhabitants. People of Konkan region speak Malvani, Vidarbha region has Varhadi as their local language and Deshi for the Deccan people.

According to the Economic Survey of Maharashtra in 2008-09, the percentage of people speaking Marathi has come down from 76.5% to 68.8% over the few years.

The survey also shows that there has been a drastic rise in the number of people speaking Hindi. This ratio has increased from 5% to 11% which shows that a number of people have adopted Hindi as their native language.

As per 2001 census, the fertility rate of the state was 2.23. Muslims - 4.09, Tribals - 3.14, Hindus - 2.09, Sikh - 1.57, Buddhist - 2.24, Jains - 1.41, Christians - 1.41 and others -2. 25. Within the state, around 36.7% of kids are underweight, 27% of the total population does not receive the right nourishment while 4.7% kids below the age of 5 die only due to hunger.

Maharashtra Population Growth Rate

During this decade, the growth rate of Maharashtra had been 15.99%, while in the last decade, it was slightly higher than 22.57%. The entire population of this state is 9.28% of India.

Maharashtra Literacy Rate

The literacy rate in the state has been great with 82.34% people being educated. The male literates consist of 88.38% while that of female literates is 69.87%. In the year 2001, the literacy rate recorded in the state was 76.88% with the male literates being 85.97% and female literates being 67.03%.

The total population of Maharashtra which is literate is 81,554,290 which include 45,257,584 literate males and 36,296,706 literate females.

Maharashtra Sex Ratio

According to the 20111 census, the sex ratio in the state was 929, which means that for every 1000 males, there are only 929 females which is less than the average ratio of 940. As per 2011 census, there were only 922 females to 1000 males in Maharashtra.

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