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Subrahmanya Swamy Temple

Subrahmanya Swamy Temple is one of the recently growing temples in kerala, which worships Lord Murugan in a human form, who is seen to be carrying the fire torch and the paddy spig in his hands. This representation is an allegory of the god being a custodian of wealth. This is more appropriately named as Thazhakara Sri Subrahmanya Swamy Temple and is found in the taluka of Mavelikara in Kerala. This region was included under the Travancore state in the pre independence era. In recent years, lots of changes have been brought about in this temple and the status has been raised to that of a Great Temple. Also, the greenery around the temple has been significantly increased by plantations. Presently, the temple is under the administration of Haindava Seva Samiti, which is registered as a body under 12th Charitable Act of 1955 of Travancore – Cochin literary science. Subrahmanya Swamy temple is considered to be an important representation of communal and cultural benevolence and integrity.


Many devotees from the nearby regions were visiting the Subrahmanya temple to seek blessings from Lord Murugan and pray for well being. With the increase in the size and status of the temple, there are pilgrimages being done by people from far and wide. Major pilgrim turnover is during Thypooyam, which is a festival held during Makaram and medam, during which the primary attraction is the Kavady Procession from the Sastha temple.
Another important festival held in Subrahmanya Swamy temple is that of a 10 day long celebration during the month of Karthika. The initial day is marked by parayeduppu or offerings received from devotees. Festivities start from the time the flag is hoisted up on the temple and goes on for 10 days, where a number of traditional rituals are conducted. During this period, a 7 day study of Bhagavatha gita is done known as Saptahama. Some other occasions are also conducted in the temple such as Shasthi Vrutha in Malayalam month, Ayilyam puja, Chirappu, etc.

Kavadi is one of the important pilgrimages that are taken up by devotees, in order to rid of their sins or tide over a great calamity. Kavadi is basically a wooden stick with each side having a particular system to hang the baskets. These baskets contain sandalwood, milk, coconut water, sesame oil, bhasham, rose water, etc, which are offered to Lord Murugan after walking for a long distance. They move from house to house collecting alms and return back to the deity with the baskets filled. Many people do this process of kavadi as a form of sadhana. Sometimes, body piercings are also practised by people to show their repentance and penance.

Getting There

Subrahmanya Swamy temple with Lord Murugan as the deity is situated in Thazhakara near Mavelikara temple of Alappuzha district of Kerala.

Since the road connecting Mavelikara – Pandalam Road goes very near to the temple, it is accessible from nearby towns of Chengannur, Pandalam, Haripad, pathanamthitta, etc. Moreover, the bus stop of Thazhakara over bridge is just adjacent to the temple.

The nearest airports are situated at distances of 120 kms each at Thiruvananthapuram and Nedumbassary airport in Kochi.

If devotees travel by train, they can easily get down at Mavelikara, which is the nearest railway station.


Until the formation of the Haindava Seva Samiti, the temple was quite small. But gradually, there have been renovation works going on at different parts of the temple. Even, land has been acquired by the samiti from the adjacent locations and more work is being done to elevate this temple into the status of the Great Temple. Sanctum Sanctorum is being made bigger which is also known as the Sreekovil. Upa Devata temples are also being renovated. These are smaller shrines dedicated to different other gods. Namaskara mandapam is a prominent feature of the temple but it is also be restructured. Pradakshina track around the sanctum is being built again with Bali stones. Various other structures under construction are Ganapathi temple, Yoogeswara temple, Devi temple, etc. Moreover, work is going on paving the entire area of the temple to maintain cleanliness. Although the temple reconstruction work and renovations are being carried out presently, the style of architecture is having resemblance to the temples of South India. Much more work is going on presently to come up with a grander look in a few years. Puja and offerings are also going on simultaneous, so as not to disturb the devotees in their pilgrimages.


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