Do you have an eye for history? Do you love walking around majestic and historic forts clicking away pictures for posterity? Do you have the taste to know more about the monarchical rule of the state and the memories that those rulers left behind? The forts in Karnataka are the best places for you then. There are many such places in the state which provide excellent glimpses of the historic past of the monarchical rulers who governed the state in the historic years.

When you walk through these forts, you will understand the rich historical heritage of the state and the unexplored beauty that the forts here offer tourists. Since these forts are well protected by archaeology institutions, state governments and other NGOs, they are looking new and well-maintained even today. Most of the famous forts in the state are in a great condition and therefore they provide great joy to the history lovers. A few of them are unexplored destinations; therefore the path leading to these forts are not that accessible. Nevertheless, the forts in the state are true representations of the rich culture and tradition of the state.

Some of the well-known forts in the state of Karnataka are Aihole and Badami forts (Bagalkot district), Kittur, Parasgad, Belgaum, Saundatti, Ramdurg, Bailhongal, Hooli, Gokak, Shirasangi, Bhimgad and Vallabhgat forts (Belgaum district), Sanduru, Bellary, Adoni, Tekkalakotte, Hampi, Kurugodu,Birala Gudda Kote  and Gudekote forts (Bellary district), Devanahalli and Makalidurga forts (Bengaluru Rural district), Bangalore Fort (Bangalore Urban district), Bidar, Basavakalyana, Bhalki and Manyakheta Forts (Bidar district), Bijapur Fort (Bijapur district), Skandagiri, Nadhi Hill, Gudibanda and Gummanayakana Kote (Chikkaballapura district), Chitradurga and Hosadurga forts (Chitradurga district), Jamalabad Fort (Dakshin Kannada district), Uchangidurga and Channagiri Forts (Davanagere district), Gajendragad, Korlahalli, Hammigi, Hemagudda, Mundargi, Singatalur, Tippapura and Nargund Forts (Gadag district), Gulbarga, Sedam and Shahpur forts (Gulbarga district) and many more. Let us now look at some of the famous forts in the state.

Famous Forts in Karnataka

Chitradurga Fort

The history of Chitradurga Fort dates back to around 17th or 18th century which was constructed by rulers belonging to the Rashtrakuta, Chalukyas, Hoysala and Chitradurga Nayaka dynasties. Granite stones were used to construct this fort. The inscriptions found here contain rock edicts belonging to the time of the great Emperor Ashoka.  It is believed that this fort was mentioned in the famous epic of Mahabharatha. The Chitradurga hill around which the fort was constructed was believed to be the abode of a demon named Hidimbasura, who was finally killed by one of the mighty Pandavas, King Bheem. There are many Hindu temples inside this fort. They are Hidimbeshwara, Phalguneshwara, Lord Hanuman etc.

Gulbarga Fort

This fort was constructed by Maharaja Gulchand of the Warangal dynasty. The fort is believed to have been constructed during the 14th century. Granites and lime mortar were used extensively to build this fort. During 1347, this fort underwent a major makeover as Al-Ud-din Bahmani from the famous Bahmani dynasty completely reconstructed this Gulbarga Fort. Later on many mosques, palaces and tombs and various other structures were constructed inside the fort. Some of the structures found inside the fort are Jami Masjid and Tomb of Kwaja Bande Nawaz.


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