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Tulips Resorts And Amusement Park

Tulips Resorts and Amusement Park is a theme park-cum-resort that has been designed for keeping both adults and children to have a wonderful time. It is situated on the Bannerghatta Road in Kalkere Bangalore, Karnataka. It consists of a multi star resort with an amusement park. The resort has beautiful landscape and luxury with exotic natural beauty. It has swimming pool, restaurants and sports facilities for the tourists to enjoy. The resort is built near the forest area which also has many gardens to view. It has many conference halls for easy accommodations of 50 to 500 people. With modern facilities Tulip resort is surely worth visiting.


Tulip is located about 18 km from the city of Bangalore in the regions of Kalkere which is surrounded by forests. The place has been chosen to suit the natural habitat covered in various species of flora and fauna. The place is well connected with public and private transportation vehicles for easy access.


Tulip resort features 220/240 V AC supply for all the rooms as per the guest’s choices. Air-conditioning has been centrally planned for the area. While guests can also avail non AC rooms if they like. Remote control Flat TV screens in each room is also available. Manual temperature control facilities are also available.

Good quality bathrooms consisting of showers that have both hot and cold water availability. Full time CCTV surveillance is also provided for safety and security of the customers. The rooms have been featured with dead bolts for extra protection. Emergency information has also been given in every room with fire extinguishers in each room.

Indoor Games

  • Table tennis
  • Chess
  • Carom
  • Darts
  • Foosball

Outdoor Games

  • Badminton
  • Cricket
  • Basket ball
  • Skipping
  • Volley ball
  • Tug-of-war
  • Treasure hunt
  • Lagori
  • Mini golf
  • Throw ball
  • Football

Amusement Park Rides

  • Giant Wheel
  • Mini train
  • Columbus
  • Bike ride
  • Helicopter ride
  • Car ride
  • Donald duck ride
  • Shark ride
  • Horse merry-go-round
  • Cup and saucer ride
  • Kids Mickey Mouse Bouncers
  • Cartoon Theatre

Packages Available

The Resort’s Amusement park has various packages available for entertainment which is given as follows:

Corporate Package

Rates only for Adults

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening tea Rs. 1050 + 14% Tax = Rs.1197/-
Breakfast, lunch, Evening Tea Rs. 725 + 14% Tax = Rs. 827/-
Lunch, Evening Tea  Rs. 675 + 14% Tax = Rs. 770/-
Only Lunch, Dinner Rs. 625 + 14% Tax = Rs. 712/-

School Picnic Package

Category Without Transport (Rs.) With Transport (Rs.)
Per child Per  child
Nursery/Play home/LKG/UKG 220 320
1st – 3rd Standard 240 340
4th – 7th Standard 260 360
8th – 10th Standard 280 380

Family and Friends Package

Rates for Adults

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening tea Rs. 1050 + 14% Tax = Rs.1197/-
Breakfast, lunch, Evening Tea Rs. 725 + 14% Tax = Rs. 827/-
Lunch, Evening Tea  Rs. 675 + 14% Tax = Rs. 770/-
Only Lunch, Dinner Rs. 625 + 14% Tax = Rs. 712/-

Rates for Children

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening tea Rs. 950 + 14% Tax =Rs. 1,083/-
Breakfast, lunch, Evening Tea Rs .625 + 14% Tax = Rs. 712/-
Lunch, Evening Tea Rs. 575 + 14% Tax = Rs. 655/-
Only Lunch, Dinner Rs. 525 + 14% Tax = Rs. 598/-

Residential Package

Non-A/C Deluxe Room           Rs. 2,700 + 14% Tax = Rs. 3,078/-
A/C Deluxe Room Rs. 3,200 + 14% Tax = Rs. 3,648/-
Non-A/C Superior Room            Rs. 3,700 + 14% Tax = Rs. 4,218/-
A/C Superior Room                   Rs. 4,200 + 14% Tax = Rs. 4,788/-
Child (3 - 12 years)     ·         Rs. 1,500 + 14% Tax = Rs. 1,710/

Party and Events

The resort also has a hall that can hold 50 to 500 people without any difficulty for special parties and occasions. Charges for the occasion depend on the requirements which can be availed from by contacting the officials.

General Information

  • Extra Charge has to be given for Transportation.
  • Outside food is strictly prohibited.
  • All alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages have to be purchased from the Tulip Resort.
  • Amusement rides, indoor/outdoor games and swimming pools are open daily from 9AM to 7PM.
  • Team-building programmes have to be availed at 100 Rs. Additional charges per person.
  • For extra time, Additional cost of Rs. 100 per hour has to be given for Snooker/mini golf.
  • 10 Adults is the minimum group size allowed.
  • Swimming costume either nylon or synthetic is obligatory. Costumes can also be bought at the resort.

How to Reach

Tulip Resorts can be reached by the following transportation modes.

By Train

The nearest railway station is of Bangalore from where you would have to hire a cab or a public transport to get to the location which is about 18 km away.

By Public Transport

Buses come to the area so it is easily available for transport.

Private vehicles: You can also book private vehicles to get to the destination without any difficulty.

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