The dams in Karnataka are one of the main reasons as to why the state is quite prosperous today. These dams not only store water in large quantities and release them when there is a need, but also supply desired levels of water for irrigation purposes, prevent the state from experiencing severe droughts and also share water with other states. These dams are constructed across the major rivers in the state like Cauvery, Krishna, Tungabadhra, Sharavathi etc. Due to the effective performance of these dams, Karnataka is one of the few states in the country that is blessed with an ample supply of water and electricity.

Apart from providing water resources to the state and nearby areas, these dams are important tourist destinations as well. They support the growth and development of many aquatic species and are favourite destinations for migratory birds that come here in plenty during migratory seasons. Most of these dams are constructed very close to tourist spots, so that tourists who come to these spots can also enjoy the beauty of the place. Other than the dams mentioned below, some of the other dams in the state are Ghataprabha Reservoir, Linganamakki Dam, Kadra Dam, Harangi Dam and Hemavati Reservoir.

Famous Dams in Karnataka

Krishnarajasagara Dam

This is one of the most ornately decorated dams in the state.  The famous Brindavan Gardens is located in the premises of this dam. The beauty of this dam is aggravated by the greenery and fountain works of these gardens. Krishnarajasagara Dam is one of the most visited tourist spots in the state of Karnataka and is a great delight among kids as the fountains are quite colourful and magical in and around these gardens.

Alamatti Dam

Constructed cross River Krishna, this reservoir not only supplies water to Karnataka but also helps people of other states like Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra with their water needs.  This dam is also a big attraction in Karnataka.

Tungabadhra Dam

This dam is constructed across the Tungabadhra River and runs across a length of around 2400km. Standing at height of around 50m, this dam has been constructed with the help of the Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh State Governments. The presence of canals on both sides of the dam makes this dam a wonderful sight.

Supa Dam

Constructed across the Kali River, Supa Dam can be found in Uttara Kannada district. This dam was set up for the sole purpose of providing power to the state; therefore the Karnataka Power Corporation built this dam and the power generation plant close to the dam.  The electricity produced by this dam helps almost all the parts of Karnataka.

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