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Tannirbhavi Beach

Tannirbhavi is an exotic and luxurious beach located at a distance of twelve kilometers from Mangalore in Karnataka. The beach is known for its awesome scenic view and is one of the hot spots for tourists visiting the city of Mangalore. It’s a perfect destination for a small vacation that can enrich you with its calmness and natural ambience. The beach gives you a peaceful tune of calmness of a river and waves of the sea.

Tannirbhavi beach can easily be marked as one of the best beaches of Dakshina Kannada (South Canara). The prime attraction is the scenic view of the sunset. The best season to visit is from the months of October to February that is during the winter season. The beach is becoming popular as an awesome weekend getaway for the entire South India. It is one of the many tourist destinations of India that offer rare beauty and is a must visit for all.


Tannirbhavi beach is situated along the Arabian Sea on the western coast of India. The beach is very closely located to Mangalore in Karnataka. It is roughly ten to twelve kilometers away from the heartland of the city. The name of the beach is slightly mispronounced, it should actually be known as the Thaneeru Bavi as per the local dialect of the region. The beach has all the ingredients that attract beach lovers.


The natural beauty around the beach is the chief attraction. The beach is slightly deserted as compared to other beaches of South India. People, particularly couples come to find some solace in the tranquil atmosphere of the beach. The sunset view is worth viewing and the most cited aspect of the Tannirbhavi beach. The beach is a perfect outing spot with family and friends particularly in the serene atmosphere of the evening.

Very close to beach, on the opposite side is a massive power plant set up by GMR group which could be visited. There are a couple of grounded ships which attract tourists as well.

Reaching Tannirbhavi Beach


The nearest airport to the Tannirbhavi beach is the Mangalore airport which is an important international airport located in Karnataka. Earlier the airport was known as the Bajpe Airport. The airport is connected to most of the other domestic airports across the country. Tourists can hire taxis or take luxurious local busses to reach Tannirbhavi Beach comfortably.


The nearest railway station is the Mangalore Central Railway Station which is at a distance of 12 km from the beach. Mangalore Central Railway Station is connected to several other major railway stations across India. Taxis and busses are available at the railway station to carry tourists to the destination.


Tannirbhavi beach is well connected by roads to other parts of Mangalore. One can reach the destination by taking the road through Panambur.

Ferry service is available as well. The ferry service from Sultan Battery ferry via Gurupura River carries tourists to the Tannirbhavi beach.

Accommodation Options

Tourists can stay in the numerous luxurious hotels present in the areas adjacent to the beach. There are plentiful accommodation options. There are a number of mid-range hotels as well.  The most popular ones include the Ginger Hotel, Hotel Hindustan, the Prestige Hotel and many more.

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